Wild Style Wednesday!

Sy, A City of Children, Ricks, Nose and others in Chinatown. Photo by Sabeth718.

Cash4 show opening tomorrow called “Cash For” from 6pm-10pm at Tender Trap (245 South 1st St., Brooklyn, New York 11211).

Hard TImes by Ripo in Barcelona.
Wolftits, Droid, Cash4, Trap, Hert, Dart, Cast, Fib Inkhead and Elik in New York. Photo by JakeDobkin.
Opium in Toulouse. Photo by Zeus40 and Wildboys.
“Buffed” by Dezio in Shanghai. Photo by DezioOne.
Shock and sneck in Brazil. Photo by Shock O Maravilha
Staino and Rambo in Chinatown. Photo by LunaPark.
Cranio in London
Ed Mun in Brazil

Photos by CranioDezio One, Ed MunJakeDobkinLunaParkRipo, Sabeth718Shock O Maravilha and Zeus40 and Wildboys

Wild Style Wednesday!

Cash4, Noxer, Nose, Rambo in New York. Photo by sabeth718.

How are you?

Saner in France. Photo by Saner KGB.
Nick Alive and Peko in Sao Paulo. Photo by ‘N’.
Just, Alex and Brok in Paris. Photo by Startape PhotoGraff.
Paris street. Photo by Vitostreet.
Sniper in Vienna. Photo by Herbalizer.
Lokey in Bristol. Photo by 4foot2.
teen. Photo by 16ANDPREGNANT.
Chas in Amsterdam. Photo by SOKE.
CPJDM, Guko, Stare, Kers, RIP Dock, Juillet in Montreal. Photo by photofil.

Photos by 4foot2, 16ANDPREGNANTHerbalizer‘N’photofilsabeth718Saner KGBSOKE, Startape PhotoGraff, and Vitostreet

Wild Style Wednesday!

Kuma in Paris. Photo by •G•

Run it.

Jaik, Foham, Emak and Gaser in Sabadell, Spain. Photo by Startape Photgraff.
Bio in the Bronx. Photo by soulroach.
Siks, Case, and Phro in Austrailia. Photo by baddogwhiskas.
Pirates in New Zealand. Photo by Datachump.
“Retro” by Toons in Paris. Photo by •G•.
Hamp and Inkz in Russia. Photo by FuckSabcat / HongKong.
Antes in East Bay. Photo by FunkandJazz.
Sista in Brighton. Photo by Datachump.
MadC, Klark Kent and Me in Offenbach. Photo by Startape Photographe.

Photos by baddogwhiskasDatachumpFuckSabcat / HongKong, FunkandJazz, •G•, soulroach, and Startape Photgraff

Wild Style Wednesday!

Photo by SoulRoach.

Wild Style throwback!

Os Gemeos, Rime and Retna in LA. Photo by Soul Roach.
Flying Fortress, Veng, Nychos, RWK in Brooklyn. Photo by Luna Park.
Astro in Montreal. Photo by Photofil.
Wons in Italy. Photo by Herbilizer.
Zosh and Snsa in Paris. Photo by Startape Photographe.
Creeps in Brighton. Photo by datachump.
Johste in Montreal. Photo by Photofil.
Typer, Dela, Yeya, Crudo and Dast in Bogota. Photo by _DAST_.
DJ Mehdi by Scien and Klor in Montreal. Photo by Photofil.

Photos by  _DAST_datachump, Luna ParkPhotofilSoulRoach and Startape Photographe

Wild Style Wednesday!

Graphis in São Paulo.

Art for money’s sake. Graffiti for ego’s sake.

Lepos and Pro in Toronto
Tiger in Sydney. Photo by Baddogwhiskas.
Rikarer in France. Photo by GhettoFarceur.
Maska, Fend and Seps in San Francisco. Photo by FunkandJazz
Resh in Paris. Photo by Startape Photographe.
Leiga, Nick and Nem in Sao Paolo. Photo by ‘N’.
Meyer and Osmoz in Nantes. Photo by Startape Photographe.
Nihao in Shanghai. Photo by Dezio One.

Photo by BaddogwhiskasDezio OneFunkandJazzGhettoFarceur, Graphis, Gris OneLepos‘N’ and Startape Photographe

Wild Style Wednesday!

Skare in Paris. Photo by VitoStreet

They say actions are louder than words and a picture says a thousand words… Graffiti is the action of painting a picture of a word, thus making it an ultimate means of communication for mankind. -Szr (via 12ozProphet)

Rude Cake. Photo by by Spam Crew
Shane. Photo by HowAboutNo!
Sueme. Photo by Wojofoto
Dabs/Myla. Photo by thesaltr
Dash. Photo by Morac19
Rulers. Photo by Big Bozo
Ta'Mere. Photo by HowAboutNo!

China Style Wednesday!

Photo by MyJediLightSaber

Being that I just got back from China, I decided to do this week’s Wild Style Wednesday with the graffiti and street art of the Chinese city of Shanghai.

Photo by MyJediLightSaber
Roka. Photo by Kersavond
Banksy Legal Team. Photo by Kersavond

Legal Team? Whatever that means.

Photo by Kersavond
Fiked and Gsar. Photo by Kersavond
CLW and Yems. Photo by Kersavond
Photo by MyJediLightSaber

Photos by Kersavond and MyJediLightSaber