Wild Style Wednesday!

Graphis in São Paulo.

Art for money’s sake. Graffiti for ego’s sake.

Lepos and Pro in Toronto
Tiger in Sydney. Photo by Baddogwhiskas.
Rikarer in France. Photo by GhettoFarceur.
Maska, Fend and Seps in San Francisco. Photo by FunkandJazz
Resh in Paris. Photo by Startape Photographe.
Leiga, Nick and Nem in Sao Paolo. Photo by ‘N’.
Meyer and Osmoz in Nantes. Photo by Startape Photographe.
Nihao in Shanghai. Photo by Dezio One.

Photo by BaddogwhiskasDezio OneFunkandJazzGhettoFarceur, Graphis, Gris OneLepos‘N’ and Startape Photographe