Weekend link-o-rama

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The week isn’t over yet, but this week’s news is going to be old if I don’t mention it soon. Here’s some of what I missed this week:

Photo by SMKjr

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Morley and Lazarides Team Up Once Again

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Fast Songs

Once again, Los Angeles street artist Morley has joined forces with the gang at Lazarides to release several limited edition prints. Editions of forty, each of the four unique prints are signed and numbered by the artist. They are printed on Magnani Litho 300gsm paper and are 70cm x 50cm costing £95 each. The two pictured are my favorite but to view the others and purchase the prints head over to The Outsiders.

Time Machine

Oh and if you haven’t heard already, Morley is coming back over the pond for his first solo exhibition with Lazarides at The Outsiders in Newcastle. Adapting his wheatpastes and parachute men for indoors has been interesting in the past for group shows the artist has participated in, so the Newcastle show will really be a test whether he is able to transport audiences into his charmingly witty world whole heartedly.

All Images Courtesy of The Outsiders

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Weekend link-o-rama

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Don't Fret

Lots of news to share this week and I’m late with this post, so let’s get on with it…

Photo by Don’t Fret

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Morley teams up again with The Outsiders

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School Reunion

A bit late on this post since there has been so much Lazarides news lately what with the recent Conor Harrington show at Rathbone and upcoming Antony Micallef show at The Outsiders, that Morley‘s print release has most unfortunately been overlooked. But I love his work, as anyone who reads Vandalog knows, so I had to post his latest print releases here.

Through The Outsiders, the artist is releasing three separate two-colour way prints as editions of 20 all signed and numbered by Morley. In the usual vein of the artist, the works include his cheeky mantras. Each is priced at £95.

Do It All Again

Curse of Imagination

Photos courtesy of The Outsiders

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Bast Pokes Fun at Hipsters (Because No one else does…)

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For Bast‘s latest print release with The Outsiders at Lazarides the artist has chosen to target the butt of recent jokes in London- Dalston. Home to the many hipster knobheads that run around claiming benefits and puking on doorsteps, the print entitled Dalston Unitooth looks at a fictitious world where the hipsters of Europe and the USA come together. One of the same breed, the print is amusing if you get it, but aesthetically is an explosion of color gone awry and a paint by numbers theme that is touched upon and lost immediately. Eh, at least it is a bit different. Can’t knock something for being a bit different. I’ll take a change of pace rather the same old stuff nowadays.

The print is available from today at The Outsiders or online and is a print in 21 colors as an edition of 10 for £500.

Image courtesy of The Outsiders

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Weekend link-o-rama

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A wall in Munich

Sorry this is coming a day late, but Thanksgiving and related activities took priority. Here’s what I missed posting about this week:

Photo by Luna Park

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Split opinions: Fragments of Faile at Lazarides

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Faile shocked their fans and detractors alike last week when they unveiled their newest body of work at Lazarides’ Gallery’s Rathbone Place location in London. The show, Fragments of Faile, features two distinct series. One is pretty much what you might expect from Faile: Familiar trademark imagery, styles and themes, mixed with some small steps forward. As usual, it was the introduction of new ideas into the Faile repertoire alongside the classics. If you’re a fan of Faile, you’ll like those pieces, and if you’re not, well the new twists probably won’t convince you. Most people I’ve spoken with say these are their favorite pieces in the show, and I have to agree. But those pieces are also getting very little attention compared to the completely new body of work that Faile introduced at the show: 100% painted (no screenprinting) portraits of women made up of abstract fabric patterns and bits of Faile iconography on top of very calm and un-Faile-like backgrounds. While there are a large number of people speaking out and saying how much they enjoy this new twist from Faile, among the people whose views I respect, the majority would not hang these paintings on their walls (although some would). Nuart’s reviews seem to best exemplify the reaction that I’m getting most often from those that I respect. Among that group, the new style has been met with general disappointment and confusion, with some people comparing it to a less gritty Bast or derivative of Miss Bugs (of course, Bast and Faile have collaborated numerous times in the past, and Miss Bugs has in the past been thought of as derivative of Faile). Nonetheless, nearly everyone I’ve heard from has also expressed great excitement that Faile have tried something so unexpected. My thoughts and some perspective from Faile themselves after the jump… Read the rest of this article »

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Fragments of Faile at Lazarides Gallery

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Faile are back at Lazarides Gallery and this time it’s going to very different. After a 3 year London hiatus, they return to the city with a solo show that “strikes out in a sophisticated new direction.”

Fragments of Faile sees the artist’s work stripped down to its bare essentials, promising to explore the “archetypical structures” beneath their decade of remixed mass culture artwork.

As Lazarides Gallery states in it’s elaborately worded press release, “Assembled from the artists’ own archive, Fragments of FAILE represents not a radical departure, but a rare opportunity to see their iconic practice anew.”

It certainly sounds interesting, but I’m a little puzzled as to how the work is ‘new’ whilst also assembled from the their archive. I’m imagining single layered images that hark back to Faile’s roots and go some way to forming the multi layered work we are used to seeing from the duo – a bit of image recycling maybe. Although that view could have something to do with the following picture.

Images of the work are currently being kept underwraps, literally, but here’s a little sneak preview thanks to Steve Lazarides

The show is open to the general public at Lazarides Rathbone from 4th November and runs until 3rd December, Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 7pm.

For more details about the show, including the press release, head over to the Lazarides website.

Photo courtesy of Lazarides Gallery

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Weekend link-o-rama

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1010 and Other aka Troy Lovegates

Had about 4 days away from a computer and it’s taken me nearly as long to catch up on emails. This post should help to finish that task. Here’s what I missed while I was away:

Photo by Other

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Ron English at Post No Bills

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Opening in a few days at Post No Bills in LA, English 101 is a solo show of prints and other limited edition artwork by Ron English. Interestingly, Ron recently had a solo show of original works at Lazarides in London (Steve Lazarides is a co-owner of Post No Bills), he’ll have this show of limited edition works at Post No Bills and then he has a solo show of original works next month at LA’s Corey Helford Gallery.

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