Faile sells for $50,000 at FIAC

In a very important test for Faile, they seem to have passed with flying colors. FIAC, the major art fair currently open in Paris, has a booth from Faile’s new New York City gallery: Perry Rubenstein Gallery. Perry Rubenstein is a contemporary art gallert, not a “street art” gallery, so that puts their work in front of a very different set of collectors. Artinfo is reporting that the below Faile has sold for $50,000 to a French collector. A beautiful piece with imagery spanning Faile’s career, and perhaps evidence that Faile can break into the larger contemporary art scene.


Faile… I mean Greg Gossel

Okay I really hate these posts, so I avoid them as much as I can, but I just have to write how I feel about Greg Gossel. I’m sure he’s a great guy, but his work is just too much like Faile‘s. Today, Arrested Motion posted an interview with Gossel, and Gossel even addressed this concern of mine, so I must say that’s nice of him.

Here’s what was said:

AM:  While I don’t take chat room bickering and pigeon-holing seriously, you have been referred to as “the poor man’s Faile”, what are your thoughts on this comparison and on artistic influences in general?

GG:  Yeah, to be honest, that’s something that definitely bothered me when I initially heard things like that, but these days I really try not to pay too much attention to a lot of that stuff. Those guys do great work and have been very successful with a really recognizable style. I understand that there are some obvious stylistic similarities between their work and my own, so I see how the comparison is made. I think it’s human nature to make comparisons, whether it be art, music, or anything else. I’m the same way when listening to an album, or checking out a new artist, so I think it just kind of comes with the territory that if you’re creating work and putting yourself out there, you’re always subject to those types of comparisons and criticisms. There are some people out there who spend a bit of time online checking out my work, and would rather label me as some sort of imitation of Faile, rather than take the time to learn much about my past work or how I got to where I am today. But ultimately, I know that my own work will continue to change and evolve over time as it has over the past 5 years, so I really just try to stay focused on continuing in my own direction, and not worry too much about some of the negativity and criticisms that are floating around out there.

So that’s Gossel’s view of the situation. I’m going to assume most readers are familar with Faile’s work. Otherwise, you can look here. Now, Faile’s influences aren’t that hard to spot either, but just have a look at Gossel’s work:

Greg Gossel

Okay, so that piece is pretty influenced by Faile, but his latest work, which can be seen in that Arrested Motion interview, is the sort of thing that could actually be mistaken for early Faile work. I really don’t like the idea that this guy’s work is looking more and more like Faile. Maybe that’s just me though.

Playing catch up with a few links

Here’s a few things that I could/should have done full posts about, but I’d just like to quickly cover before they become too old and get lost in my inbox.

  • Until May 30th you can get a special “early bird” rate on tickets to OFFSET2009, a 3 day conference taking place in Dublin this November. A number of street/urban/low-brow artists will be there including D*Face, Asbestos, and Brad Downey.
  • Faile put up another prayer wheel in New York. Unfortunately, @newyourpulse has just tweeted that the piece is gone. A picture below (and more here):
  • Jeff Soto has been in London. I’ve never been a fan of his work (admitted, I have only seen jpegs), which is why I didn’t cover his current show at StolenSpace Gallery, but he’s also done a couple street pieces which I like much more than his gallery work, so below is one of those. Also, here’s a recent interview with Soto for Civil Clothing.
    Jeff Soto
  • Public Ad Campaign‘s recent New York Billboard Takeover was even larger than I could have imagined. They’ve just released a Google map detailing all the work that was done. Great job guys. Looks like you took over the city (if only for a day or two).
  • And lastly, the Brooklynite Gallery‘s latest show has brought a bit of London to New York, with Sweet Toof and Cept getting up in across the pond.
    Cept Sweet Toof

Jeff Soto photo by Sabeth718, other photos by SMKjr

Faile Prayer Wheel in New York


This “prayer wheel” popped up recently in New York City. Don’t expect it to last long though, after all, its only made of wood.

Prayer Wheel

A number of these were in Faile’s fall show in London in 2008, and it’s great to see them on the street. If I remember correctly, the wheels are all hand carved and painted (though if that’s done by Faile or by some assistant they’ve hired who knows woodworking, I’m not sure).

Prayer Wheel

Photos by sabeth718

Phillips de Pury Results

Just a quick run through of Saturday’s Phillips de Pury auction results (all prices include buyer’s premium).

  • Herakut’s canvas for the War Child charity went for £3750.
  • Only one Paul Insect piece managed, to sell (a print at £375).
  • Seen was quite strong, with a large painting on subway maps selling for £4000.
  • Out of 2 prints and 1 original by BAST, only one print sold and it was at below estimate (and that original was really nice in person, even if it isn’t his typical style).
  • None of the Faile prints or originals sold.
  • Nick Walker’s Moona Lisa, which was estimated at £7-9000, sold for £18,750. Seems like a bit of a fluke though, as the rest of Walker’s work was within the estimate.
  • The Swoon on Mylar was withdrawn
  • Finally, as I anticipated, the two Os Gêmeos giant head boxes sold for more than the estimate of £4-6000, but they sold A LOT more: £18125 including the premium.

For the full results a pdf can be downloaded here.

New Faile Website and Prints

Faile‘s website was relaunched today and now it makes much more sense.

In addition to the relaunch of the website, Faile is releasing three new prints in the Faile store. All three are from their new set of Native American themed images first seen on the Tate Modern and then at their London solo show in 2008. They are all editions of 20 and priced at $2800. And don’t worry if you’re afraid these have already sold out. Faile are once again using the FairQ ticketing system which gives anybody an equal chance at buying their prints.

My favorite has to be the Man Finds Faile image.

Eat With The Wolf

For those who want something more unique, there are also “originals” for sale (aka, these same prints, but with unique touches that make them 1/1) at $8000.

Buy the new Faile prints and originals here.

Thoughts on Bonhams February Auction

Spent some time today checking out the catolog for the February 24th urban art auction at Bonhams in London. A few people have noted the extremely high number of Banksy lots (22 of 78) and dismissed this auction, but I’ve found a few potential deals to be had. If you’ve got the money to spend and you can weed through the crap, people are looking to sell some really nice work. Here’s what I’ve found:

1. Banksy – Kate Moss (series of 6)
Estimate: £100,000 – 150,000

Banksy Kate Moss

There was a time when just one of these 6 could go for £100,000. Perhaps Banksy’s most sought after print. The winner of this auction will be a very lucky man/woman in a decade. Continue reading “Thoughts on Bonhams February Auction”