Thoughts on Bonhams February Auction

Spent some time today checking out the catolog for the February 24th urban art auction at Bonhams in London. A few people have noted the extremely high number of Banksy lots (22 of 78) and dismissed this auction, but I’ve found a few potential deals to be had. If you’ve got the money to spend and you can weed through the crap, people are looking to sell some really nice work. Here’s what I’ve found:

1. Banksy – Kate Moss (series of 6)
Estimate: £100,000 – 150,000

Banksy Kate Moss

There was a time when just one of these 6 could go for £100,000. Perhaps Banksy’s most sought after print. The winner of this auction will be a very lucky man/woman in a decade.

2. Banksy – Smiley Copper
Estimate: £20,000 – 30,000

Banksy Copper

This piece is hand painted and 1 of 1, not one of those “canvas edition of 25” things. Also, just a cool image.

3. Adam Neate – Untitled
Estimate: £2,000 – 3,000

Adam Neate Bonhams

I find that a lot of Adam Neate’s work of this size (mostly street pieces) isn’t as great as his large scale work, but I absolutely love this one. It’s a really quality image by an amazing artist, and the price isn’t too much. Another item that people will kick them selves for not buying when they look back 10 years from now.

4. Faile – Faile Dog
Estimate: £5,000 – 7,000

Faile Dog

I wouldn’t normally be saying “go buy a Faile print at auction,” but this is a 1 of 1 and I think it is quite nice. Given people running away from buying Faile prints right now, a smart buyer could pick this up at a bargain price.

5. WK Interact – Untitled
Estimate: £1,000 – 1,500

WK-Interact Bonhams Print

A very strong piece by an artist whose originals on wood normally fetch pretty high prices. Loving the burned edges.

6. Os Gemeos – Boy and Donkey
Estimate: £2,000 – 3,000

Os Gemeos Bonhams

Work by Os Gemeos is extremely well placed, and I wouldn’t expect many originals by them coming up at auction any time soon. These guys are extremely extremely talented. I’d like to see this in person to see how it really looks, but I’d be surprised fans of Os Gemeos don’t like it.

Bonus Curiosity:
Cept – Nothing Once More
Estimate: £1,500 – 2,000

Cept Bonhams

What’s interesting about this piece is that it was in Cept’s 2008 solo show just a few months ago. I though it was one of the best pieces in the show, but either it didn’t sell and Cept has put it up for sale himself, or it was sold to a buyer who is all of a sudden short on cash. Dunno if this will be a bargain, but the serious collector who is just looking for a good piece should check it out.

So that’s the Bonhams auction. Maybe I’ll see you there.

Photos from Bonhams