Faile stencils in NYC

Faile’s recent interview with Jake Dobkin for Gothamist made it sound like they were sticking to things like their Prayer Wheels for outdoor work, as it was different and lasts longer, but I guess that isn’t quite the case as Faile have put up a few stenciled pieces around NYC recently.

Photos by Luna Park

Faile/Bast Deluxx Fluxx Arcade comes to NYC

Faile and Bast have once again teamed up to put on their Deluxx Fluxx Arcade show/experience. Last time, it was in Lazarides’ Greek Street location in London. Now, the arcade has been built in New York City. The arcade opened this weekend and will be open at 158 Allen Street through May 27th. If you’re in town (and especially if you didn’t see this arcade while it was in London), I can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s quite an experience.

Arrested Motion has pictures from the arcade’s setup and Gothamist has an interview with Faile.

Photo from Arrested Motion

Now’s The Time at Black Rat Projects

Black Rat Projects (formally Black Rat Press) finally has their first show of 2010 opening in a few weeks. It’s called Now’s The Time. It’s a group show and it brings together artwork by some of the top names in street art’s history: Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Shepard Fairey, Swoon, Banksy, Barry McGee, Faile and Os Gêmeos. I’ve heard about this show coming together over the last few months, and I like to joke that the idea behind it is strikingly similar to The Thousands, but two artists really separate this show from The Thousands and other similar exhibition that have been put on in the past: Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. It’s not often that a gallery has put on an exhibition of what is claimed to be the world’s top street art and been able to include those two essential artists in the line up alongside newer artists artists like Faile. This is going to be a very interesting show. Now’s The Time opens April 22nd at Black Rat Projects in London.

Via Pimp Guides

Things I Meant To Post About Yesterday…

Things have been very busy here at Carmichael Gallery lately as we prepare for our Saturday opening with Nina, so I didn’t get a chance to write about a few of the things that were on my “need to post” list yesterday. First up, Faile has released some new prints and original works on paper and they’re some of the nicest I’ve seen in a while. Faile just continue to grow on me and I love what they’re doing these days with their wood pieces. As regards the release, I just checked their site and it appears that the two originals and one of the three prints are sold out. Both my favorite original, No Escape: Return To Faile (the image above), and my favorite print, the same image but in purple hues and entitled No Escape, have gone. Here’s my second favorite, the other sold original, which has the frankly awful-sounding name of Wrong End 86 Katsina (the print version (similar but yellow as opposed to orange) is simply and much more appealingly called Wrong End Of The Rainbow), below.

Sorry for posting another item that is sold out, but it’s still worth mentioning Lazarides‘ release of JR’s Women Are Heroes book. Each of the twenty copies boasts a hand-pasted, thus unique, cover image of Self-Portrait In A Woman’s Eye (Kenya), one of my favorite of JR’s photographs.

Laz also has some cute Lucy McLauchlan Paint Pots available.

Finally, Opus just released some nice limited edition collab prints by Dan Baldwin and Hush.

– Elisa

Faile and Bast videos

London has been abuzz with talk of Faile and Bast’s Deluxx Fluxx Arcade show at Lazarides‘ Greek Street. Luckily, for those who aren’t in London and can’t see the show in person, Babelgum has put together a video about it:

And of course, Faile also have a retrospective going on just down the street at Lazarides’ Rathbone Place location:

The Deluxx Fluxx Arcade pics and giveaway

On Thursday night, Lazarides‘ Greek Street and Rathbone Place galleries were both packed for the private view of The Faile/Bast Deluxx Fluxx Arcade at Greek Street and a Faile retrospective at Rathbone Place. The arcade is something you really just have to experience in person, but basically, Faile and Bast have transformed the gallery into a 1980’s style video game arcade, but an arcade in a Faile/Bast world. All the games (officially, “interactive artworks”) are based on art by Bast and/or Faile. It’s crazy.

And if you’re a fan of Faile, their retrospective at Rathbone Place is a great place to see all of your favorite pieces from as far back as 1999:

Photos by S.butterfly

And now for the giveaway… Thanks to The Lazarides Galleries, I’ve got a Faile/Bast tshirt and some stickers to give to one lucky winner.

All you have to do to enter is either comment on this post, or go on twitter and link to this post and put the hashtag “#deluxxfluxx” in your tweet. Do one of these things before noon (GMT) on Monday the 15th, and you’ll be entered in the random draw.

Teaser pics from the Faile/Bast Deluxx Fluxx Arcade

Ian Cox just sent me these exclusive pictures of the Faile/Bast Deluxx Fluxx Arcade which opens tomorrow at Lazarides Gallery Greek Street. It’s going to be crazy. It looks like Faile and Bast have completely transformed the gallery space, it’s going to be an immerse experience into the worlds of Faile and Bast. Hope to see you there, and if you can’t make it, I’ll probably be tweeting pics from the opening.

And Ian has some more pics on his flickr

Faile and Bast in London next month

Artbleat has the scoop on London’s next hot street art exhibitions:

The Faile Bast Deluxx Fluxx Arcade 12th February – 27th March 2010

To kick-start the 2010 programme, Lazarides is proud to present a rare treat in the form of Faile, Brooklyn’s infamous collaborative duo. Bringing their unique vision to London and featuring long-time collaborator, Bast, the two floors of Lazarides Greek Street gallery will be taken over for a truly experiential exhibition.

And on top of that, the Lazarides Rathbone Place space will be hosting a Faile retrospective.

Faile to show at Gagosian

It looks like Faile will by showing with the Gagosian Gallery next month in California. The Gagosian website lists them in a group show called Meet Me Inside at their Beverly Hills location. Meet Me Inside opens January 15th and features Uta Barth, Gregory Crewdson, Roe Etheridge, Faile, Jacob Kassay, Mike Kelley, Monica Majoli, Adam McEwen, Allison Miller, Tim Noble & Sue Webster, Seth Price, Rob Reynolds, Ed Ruscha, Tom Sachs, Taryn Simon, Robert Therrien, Piotr Uklański and Andy Warhol.

Looks like it’s time to start snapping up Faile prints like crazy (again).