Herakut in Tel Aviv

Herakut’s been getting around. This past week they were among a group of  a dozen artists — largely local — participating in the CASTRO Street Project at Tel Aviv’s Jaffa Port. Leora Cheshin — a Jerusalem-based photographer — shared these two photos with me:

Photos by Leora Cheshin

“Free Revok” from A1one in Tehran and more

I’m a big fan of A1one’s artwork. Although I’ve seen and exhibited it on canvas, cardboard and vinyl, I’ve yet to see it up close in a public space.  ‘hoping that A1one aka Tanha can bring his talents to the U.S. at some point!  Meanwhile,  I’m enjoying the photos he shares with me from time to time.

Free Revok, Arabic Graffiti
Arabic Graffiti
Photos, courtesy of A1one

Berlin-based 44flavours showcases its talents

I met Julio Rölle of the Berlin-based 44flavours artist collective a number of years ago in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  I immediately fell in love with its zine, 44flavours, for its intelligent mix of graffiti/street art culture, graphic design, interviews, prose and poetry. I later met up with Julio in Berlin and once again was intrigued by what he and his partner, Sebastian Bagge, were doing. Working these days as graphic designers, 44flavours still paints outdoors and exhibits in various venues. Opening this evening, Wednesday, May 18, 6pm at the Café Görlitzer Bahnhof,  Manteuffelstrasse 87, 10997 Berlin is a new exhibit featuring new and old work, including recent collages. 

Images courtesy, Julio Rölle

Aniekan and iwillnot bring political art to the streets of D.C.

Down in D.C. this weekend, I spotted some striking political art — new to the streets.  The Nigerian artist Aniekan Udofia’s huge portrait of a gagged George Washington on the corner of 14th and U and iwillnot’s postals satirizing Sarah Palin’s use of the word “refudiate” stand out.




 Photos by Lois Stavsky

Stuck Up in Philly: Pheetus and Underwater Pirate

Few cities can boast as many dedicated and talented sticker heads as Philly.  Their characters — often meticulously hand-crafted — seem to peer at you from every public space.  I’m loving this one by Pheetus, and I never tire of seeing Underwater Pirate’s iconic character:

Pheetus on Postal
Underwater Pirate aka UWP

   Photos by Lois Stavsky

Ugly Kid-Gumo Brings Concrete Chips of Paris Walls to NYC

When I last visited the Dorian Grey Gallery, a relatively new space in NYC’s East Village that has already featured solo shows by such artists as Crash and LA II, I was drawn to a few images — almost hidden from view — lying on a desk.  I discovered that they are the work of the Parisian street artist, Ugly Kid-Gumo. Working in a New York studio with chips of concrete from the walls of Paris, Gumo has been fashioning some riveting portraits.  They will be featured, along with other recent work, in the upcoming Kid-Gumo solo exhibit,  “Oz, Nothing Makes Sense.” Curated by Marianne Nems, it is scheduled to open on June 23 at the Dorian Grey Gallery, 437 East 9th Street.

Photo by Lois Stavsky


Ugly Kid-Gumo's NYC Studio, photo courtesy of Marianne Nems

It’s Been Busy @ 5Pointz

Although 5Pointz officially launches its 2011 season today, writers from abroad — as well as local ones — have been busy this past month.  The pieces don’t often last long, and we’ve been trying to document this Long Island City graffiti mecca weekly.  Here are three (of many) faves that have recently surfaced:

The Yok and Creepy from Australia, photo by Lois Stavsky
Never @ Work, photo by Yasmin Jones
Meres, et al, photo by Lois Stavsky

From A1one in Tehran, Iran

Credited with having introduced street art to the Islamic world, A1one also spends many hours in his studio. I particularly love his stencils and his Persian/Arabic — styled calligraphy. Among the images he recently shared with me are these:

Photos courtesy of A1one

Tats Cru, Cekis and Fred, THC in the South Bronx

The Hunts Point section of the Bronx has some of the most intriguing and varied walls around.  Particular faves that I came upon this past week are by Tats Cru, Cekis and Fred, THC aka Nesto.

Tats Cru, close-up
Cekis, close-up
Fred, THC

Photos by Lois Stavsky

Peeta’s 3-D Graffiti — Outside and Inside

I’ve always been mesmerized by 3-D graffiti and Venice, Italy’s Peeta is one if its masters.  I’ve seen his pieces on the streets of Brooklyn and at 5-Pointz in Queens, but I wasn’t quite sure how his artwork would transfer to a canvas.  Thanks to the recent Robots Will Kill exhibit at the Vincent Michael Gallery in Philadelphia, I found out. The canvasses captivate — almost as much as the walls do!  The exhibit continues through Saturday at 1050 North Hancock Street.

On the Wall in Bushwick, photo by Tara Murray
Mixed Media on Canvas, photo by Lois Stavsky