Melbourne Monthly Madness – August 2013

Sorry this post is so late. I’ve had an injured hand, so typing has been a pain, literally… Here’s my round up for August. I’m calling this month the Video Edition, cos I don’t think I can recall a month where so many awesome videos came out… Here we go…

To start off check out this great video from Jack Douglas. Jack is a talented Melbourne street artist and tattooist; this video shows some of his street and tattoo work. His characters are always awesome.

Another rad video featuring local writer BOLTS smashing some walls across Melbourne with his always super tight style.

Do you know what a “bogan” is? It’s an Australian colloquialism, this video from Melbourne writer AEON (created alongside VNA magazine) gives you a perfect explanation of the Aussie Bogan, lost in London.

LINZ from Queensland visited Melbourne and painted this great piece. LINZ also talks about his time as a writer and how things have changed so much over the years.

This video from Spacerunner is definitely my favourite video for the month. SIMR and Rides showing us how it’s done painting one of Melbourne’s trains in the dark of the night.

Check out this video featuring interviews with Rone, Sandra Powell and Andrew King discussing their views on street art in galleries and the streets and the general attitude towards the art recently in Melbourne.

Rone was in Portland Oregon recently for Forrest for the Trees festival.

A new video from LUSH.

And finally Reka painted this epic 8 story wall in Copenhagen.

Here’s some shots of Reka at ROSKILDE festival in Copenhagen. Awesome!

Reka - Photo by Everfresh
Reka. Photo by Everfresh.
Reka - Photo by Everfresh
Reka. Photo by Everfresh.
Reka - Photo by Everfresh
Reka. Photo by Everfresh.

Happy 3rd birthday to Land of Sunshine. What a great way to celebrate it with the opening of the Keith Haring mural, as Dean says, it’s where it all started…

Keith Haring Mural (restored) - Photo by Dean Sunshine
Keith Haring Mural (restored). Photo by Dean Sunshine.

Another awesome utility box from Lucy Lucy. This one has a meaningful message.

Lucy Lucy - Photo by Dean Sunshine
Lucy Lucy. Photo by Dean Sunshine.
Lucy Lucy - Photo by Dean Sunshine
Lucy Lucy. Photo by Dean Sunshine.

Chaotic Gallery had their 2nd show “In this Corner” featuring some of Melbourne, and Australia’s best. Here’s my favourite pieces from the show.

Phoenix the Street Artist - Photo by AllThoseShapes
Phoenix the Street Artist. Photo by AllThoseShapes.
Mikaela Jane - Photo by AllThoseShapes
Mikaela Jane. Photo by AllThoseShapes.
Conrad Bizjack - Photo by AllThoseShapes
Conrad Bizjack. Photo by AllThoseShapes.

Then on the last weekend of August, something I’ll probably never see again happened. ITN Architects, of the HIVE building fame, were putting the finishing touches on their latest graffiti inspired building, by hoisting 3 old Hitachi trains onto the roof. A pretty surreal sight I must say. Walking down a residential street in Collingwood and seeing a train in the street was pretty damn amazing.

More photos on the ITN Facebook page.

Love this collab by Kaffeine and Lucy Lucy.

Kaffeine and Lucy Lucy - Photo by Just Another Agency
Kaffeine and Lucy Lucy. Photo by Just Another Agency.

My favourite shots from the Streets from AllThoseShapes. Awesome as usual.

Mio and Kef - Photo by AllThoseShapes
Mio and Kef. Photo by AllThoseShapes.
Oksep - Photo by AllThoseShapes
Oksep. Photo by AllThoseShapes.

I was also happy to see Shane is releasing a book capturing his many many photos from over the years.

And as usual my picks of the month from the Dean Sunshine’s top ten. Snowy’s birds have been popping up everywhere lately, out of nowhere. And HAHA, Melbourne’s godfather of stencils.

HAHA - Photo by Dean Sunshine
HAHA. Photo by Dean Sunshine.
Snowy - Photo by Dean Sunshine
Snowy. Photo by Dean Sunshine.

Photos courtesy of Everfresh, Dean Sunshine, Just Another Agency and AllThoseShapes.

Video courtesy of Jack Douglas, Ironlak, Australia Network News, The Baron, Third Chapter, Spacerunner, Everfresh Studio, SickDawg and Dean Sunshine.