Melbourne Monthly Madness – August 2013

Sorry this post is so late. I’ve had an injured hand, so typing has been a pain, literally… Here’s my round up for August. I’m calling this month the Video Edition, cos I don’t think I can recall a month where so many awesome videos came out… Here we go…

To start off check out this great video from Jack Douglas. Jack is a talented Melbourne street artist and tattooist; this video shows some of his street and tattoo work. His characters are always awesome.

Another rad video featuring local writer BOLTS smashing some walls across Melbourne with his always super tight style.

Do you know what a “bogan” is? It’s an Australian colloquialism, this video from Melbourne writer AEON (created alongside VNA magazine) gives you a perfect explanation of the Aussie Bogan, lost in London.

LINZ from Queensland visited Melbourne and painted this great piece. LINZ also talks about his time as a writer and how things have changed so much over the years.

This video from Spacerunner is definitely my favourite video for the month. SIMR and Rides showing us how it’s done painting one of Melbourne’s trains in the dark of the night.

Check out this video featuring interviews with Rone, Sandra Powell and Andrew King discussing their views on street art in galleries and the streets and the general attitude towards the art recently in Melbourne.

Rone was in Portland Oregon recently for Forrest for the Trees festival.

A new video from LUSH.

And finally Reka painted this epic 8 story wall in Copenhagen.

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Burning Candy DOTS Promo Video

Note from the editor: It should be mentioned that in the past I’ve been paid by the people making DOTS to help out on various parts of the project (though I was paid in artwork). Also, I still do communicate with them and help them out in small ways, but I don’t get paid for that. Also, for more info on this project and how you can help the film get made, check out Arrested Motion. – RJ

DOTS short promo from Dots Films on Vimeo.

Some of you may remember us covering the newest up and coming street art documentary DOTS a few months back. Well now the mysterious filmmaker known only as as The Baron has released this teaser trailer (above) for the documentary which follows the members of London’s notorious Burning Candy Crew around various parts of the world.

Juxtapoz has also recently conducted a interview with The Baron where he talks about his relationship with BC, how he came up with the idea for DOTS and what he hopes to accomplish once its ready for public viewing. You can read that interview here

More info on DOTS at