A Know Hope solo show at Show & Tell Gallery

Know Hope‘s solo show There Is Nothing Dear (Nothing Is Too Much Dear) opened a little over a week ago at Toronto’s Show & Tell Gallery. From the photos I’ve seen, it looks to be some of Know Hope’s best work to date. That said, I’m a massive Know Hope fan, so maybe I’m just excited to see new work. These paintings seem to mark a new chapter for the characters in his continuing narrative.

Again, maybe it’s just that I’ve been following this narrative for quite a while now, but some of these new paintings are heartbreaking. Like when you read Harry Potter and got to the part where Dumbledore dies six books in (sorry for the spoiler, but if you haven’t read the 6th book by now, I don’t think you’re going to).

There Is Nothing Dear (Nothing Is Too Much Dear) runs through October 31st at Show & Tell Gallery.

Photos courtesy of Show & Tell Gallery