21st century graffiti (and no, it’s not laser tagging)

Okay, so yeah, GRL’s Laser Tag thing is cool, but it’s more of a fun trick than it is graffiti. This new thing is pretty awesome too though, and I think it might be a big development in the world of graffiti: Letterbombing. Improve Everywhere’s Charlie Todd first posted about this form of internet graffiti. Check out the video:

In recent months, I’ve been suggesting that the best piece of street art or graffiti ever would be to hack the Google homepage if even for a few seconds. Then, just a few days ago, I went on a rant to a friend about how computer hackers who do things like this are a new generation of taggers. Letterbombing seems to fit perfectly within the sort of things I’ve been imagining, and if I’m on to anything, letterbombing seems to be the next development in online graffiti. Like moving from tagging to wholecars, letterbombs might not last as long as a hacked website, but they are more refined, can hit bigger targets and will probably be seen by more people. Of course, letterbombing isn’t illegal like graffiti or hacking, but it’s still damn clever.

Are there any other examples of online graffiti out there that I’m forgetting about?