New Americana – TrustoCorp show in LA

TrustoCorp are going to be in LA in a few days for a show at Gallery 1988. New Americana will be TrustoCorp’s second solo show, and unlike the first one, I’m looking forward to this. This looks to be only a 2-day show on Saturday and Sunday, so don’t blink or you might miss it.

In addition to new paintings (which don’t always work indoors), there will be some sculptures and, most exciting of all, more TrustoCorp-styled carnival games. TrustoCorp are known for their fake products and street signs, but after spending some time at their studio over the summer, I’ve come to really enjoy the carnival game side of things and it’s a nice way to bring the work indoors. Also, there is going to be some sort of collaboration with Klipsch speakers and DJ Fred Wreck of Tha Dogg Pound.

Here’s a teaser:

Images courtesy of TrustoCorp