Woodward Gallery
 Project Space


For several years now, the Woodward Gallery Project Space on Eldridge Street has been one of the Lower East Side’s visual highlights, showcasing works by an impressive range of artists from veteran graffiti writers to street art-stencil masters. Through July 26 a handsome retrospective of these works can be seen indoors at Woodward Gallery, directly across from the Project Space’s outdoor wall. Here are a few images:

 L'Amour Supreme, Moody Mutz, NohJColey w/ Darkcloud and David Pappaceno on floor. Photo by Dani Reyes Mozeson
L’Amour Supreme, Moody, NohJColey and Darkcloud & David Pappaceno on floor. Photo by Dani Reyes Mozeson.
Moody Mutz, Chris RWK, Faro and JMR. Photo by Dani Reyes Mozeson
Moody, Chris RWK, Faro and JMR. Photo by Dani Reyes Mozeson.
NoseGo. Photo by Lois Stavsky
NoseGo. Photo by Lois Stavsky.
Cycle. Photo by Dani Reyes Mozeson
Cycle. Photo by Dani Reyes Mozeson.
Chris RWK and Royce Bannon in center. Photo courtesy of Woodward Gallery
Chris RWK and Royce Bannon in center. Photo courtesy of Woodward Gallery.
Clockwise: Celso, Kenji Nakayama, Cassius Fouler, Visions Scmisions, Moody, UR New York and Buildmore. Photo by Dani Reyes Mozeson
Clockwise: Celso, Kenji Nakayama, Cassius Fouler, Visions Scmisions, Moody, UR New York and Buildmore. Photo by Dani Reyes Mozeson.

Located at 133 Eldridge Street, Woodward Gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday 11-6pm, Sunday 12-5pm and by private appointment.

Photos by Dani Reyes Mozeon and Lois Stavsky and courtesy of Woodward Gallery

“From the Street Up” opens tonight at Woodward Gallery with tantalizing street art sculptures

Stikman, detail
Stikman, detail

RJ had mentioned Woodward Gallery’s new exhibit, “From the Streets Up,” last week, and it is, indeed, wonderful. Opening this evening from 6-8, it features intriguing street art sculptures in different media by a range of artists crossing generations, cultures and sensibilities. Here are a few more images:

NohjJColey does Royce Bannon
NohJColey does Royce Bannon
Close-up from Robert Jamz installation
Close-up from Robert Janz installation
Gabriel Specter
Gabriel Specter

Co-curated by Royce Bannon and Cassius Fouler, the exhibit continues through July 31 at 133 Eldridge Street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

 Photos by Tara Murray and Lois Stavsky

From street art to sculpture


From the Street Up is a show coming up soon at NYC’s Woodward Gallery. The gallery invited artists Royce Bannon and Cassius Fouler to co-curate the show, which focuses on sculptural work by street artists and public artists. The line up includes John Ahearn, 
Richard Hambleton, 
NohJColey, Leon Reid IV, 
Skewville, Gabriel Specter, 
Stikman, UFO and more. That’s one of the most interesting and impressive lists for a group show that I’ve seen in a while. Some of my favorite artists will be in this show, including a few like Hambleton, UFO and Stikman who don’t show their work indoors very often.

From the Street Up opens July 6th from 6-8pm.

“Detail” at Woodward Gallery

Cassius Fouler, Money-Making Manhattan; photo courtesy Woodward Gallery
Cassius Fouler, Money-Making Manhattan. Photo courtesy Woodward Gallery.

The small elements unique to each artwork are the subject of “Detail,” a group exhibit opening this evening, Saturday, March 2nd, 6 – 8pm at Woodward Gallery on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Exquisitely curated, the exhibit features a range of intriguing images in a variety of media by a dozen artists. Among the artists featured are five whose works continue to grace our streets: Cassius Fouler, Thomas Buildmore, Kenji Nakayama, Kosbe and Moody. Here’s a sampling of what is on view at 133 Eldridge Street through April 28th.

Thomas Buildmore, Still Life; photo by Tara Murray
Thomas Buildmore, Still Life. Photo by Tara Murray.
Kenji Nakayma, Duck; photo courtesy of Woodward Gallery
Kenji Nakayma, Duck. Photo courtesy Woodward Gallery.
Kosbe, Borrowed Time, photo by Lois Stavsky
Kosbe, Borrowed Time close-up. Photo by Lois Stavsky.
Moody; photo courtesy Woodward Gallery
Moody. Photo courtesy Woodward Gallery.

Photos by Tara Murray and courtesy of Woodward Gallery

Kosbe at Woodward Gallery Project Space

Photo courtesy of Woodward Gallery

There’s a raw elegance to Kosby’s aesthetic that has intrigued me since I first came upon his stickers and paste-ups a number of years back on an array of public surfaces in Brooklyn and Manhattan. It’s great to see it now gracing the Woodward Gallery Project Space on Manhttan’s Lower East Side, where it is visible to so many. Here are a few close-ups from the four-panel installation, Borrowed Time, that officially “opened” this weekend.

Photo by Lenny Collado
Photo by Lenny Collado
Photo by Lenny Collado

Photo courtesy of Woodward Gallery and by Lenny Collado

NoseGo from coast to coast

San Fransisco. Click to view large.

Yis Goodwin aka NoseGo recently put up some work in New York City, Philadelphia San Fransisco. Last week, he installed a piece, Daily Spontaneous Excursions, at Woodward Gallery‘s outdoor installation space. This week he painted the above mural in San Fransisco thanks to Rogue Projects. Also this week, he painted a spot in Philadelphia as part of Street Dept.’s Furnessadelphia show, which opens today.

“Daily Spontaneous Excursions” by NoseGo at the Woodward Gallery Project Space. Click to view large.
NoseGo at work in San Fransisco
NoseGo at work in San Fransisco

Photos courtesy of NoseGo

Woodward Gallery Presents “Summer Selections” with Stikman, Kosbe, Darkcloud and many more

Alexander Calder and LAll, Pyramids and Oval

I made it over to Woodward Gallery last week to check out its current exhibit, Summer Selections. Described as “a selection of work by legendary and new contemporary masters,” it features some of my favorite street artists, along with such masters as Jasper Johns, Paul Gauguin and Robert Rauschenberg.  And what a treat to discover an original vintage Alexander Calder lithograph with drawings by LA ll!  Here are some more favorites from the exhibit that continues through this Saturday, August 4th at 133 Eldridge Street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side:

Stikman, Dora Maar, Pablo Picasso
El Celso, La Luz
Kosbe, AH
Darkcloud, Vermillion Army
Thomas Buildmore, Spirit Animal

Photos of Calder & LAll, Kosbe, Darkcloud and Buildmore, courtesy Woodward Gallery; Celso photo, Tara Murray & Stikman, Lois Stavsky

Kenji Nakayama’s Stylish Stencil Paintings @ Woodward Gallery

Concrete Jungle

I met Kenji Nakayama a number of years back in Boston when his stencils began surfacing on the streets of Cambridge and in local galleries and motley spaces. I loved Kenji’s technique, style and passion. His formal education as a mechanical engineer back in Japan clearly impacted his work. I’m thrilled now that Kenji’s first solo exhibition — featuring an incredible range of photorealistic, hand-cut stencil, spray enamel, acrylic and mixed-media paintings — is in Woodward Gallery, one of my favorite NYC spaces. The exhibit continues through July 7th at 133 Eldridge Street. It is quite a visual treat. Here are some more images:

Shuttered Reality
CSX Rubric

And here’s a view of the installation:

Photos courtesy Woodward Gallery

GHOST on Manhattan’s Lower East Side with Matt Siren, Kenji Nakayama and much more

Kenji Nakayama

Last weekend, as I was walking down Eldridge Street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, I was lured into GHOST, a café/bar that recently surfaced on the block. It wasn’t the food and drink — though certainly enticing — that lured me in, but the art that I glimpsed from outside. Among the works on display are a series of signs designed by Matt Siren — all featuring his signature ghost — in collaboration with some of NYC’s most prolific street artists including Dark Clouds, Celso and Royce Bannon. Particular standouts include huge pieces by Richard Hambleton and by Japanese-born Boston-based Kenji Nakayama. It soon became apparent that GHOST is an extension of one of my favorite galleries, Woodward Gallery, that will be presenting Kenji’s first NYC exhibition. (More on that in a later post!) Meanwhile, if you are anywhere in the vicinity of of 132A Eldridge Street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, GHOST is certainly worth a visit.

Matt Siren

Images courtesy Woodward Gallery

Royce Bannon Curates RATHER UNIQUE for Woodward Gallery

Not only is Royce Bannon one of New York City’s most passionate street artists, but he is also a first-rate curator. His current venture, Rather Unique, is a testament to both his curatorial skills and to the diverse range of artwork crafted by artists whose primary canvas is the streets.  And the Lower East Side’s Woodward Gallery, located at 133 Eldridge Street, is the perfect venue for the exhibit. Here are a few images:

Nose Go
Royce Bannon

Rather Unique continues through February 19th. You can view additional images by DarkCloud, Matt Siren, Kenji Nakayama, Celso, Cassius Fowler and more on Woodward Gallery’s website.

Photos by Sara Mozeson, Tara Murray & Lois Stavsky