Kenji Nakayama’s Stylish Stencil Paintings @ Woodward Gallery

Concrete Jungle

I met Kenji Nakayama a number of years back in Boston when his stencils began surfacing on the streets of Cambridge and in local galleries and motley spaces. I loved Kenji’s technique, style and passion. His formal education as a mechanical engineer back in Japan clearly impacted his work. I’m thrilled now that Kenji’s first solo exhibition — featuring an incredible range of photorealistic, hand-cut stencil, spray enamel, acrylic and mixed-media paintings — is in Woodward Gallery, one of my favorite NYC spaces. The exhibit continues through July 7th at 133 Eldridge Street. It is quite a visual treat. Here are some more images:

Shuttered Reality
CSX Rubric

And here’s a view of the installation:

Photos courtesy Woodward Gallery