“Detail” at Woodward Gallery

Cassius Fouler, Money-Making Manhattan; photo courtesy Woodward Gallery
Cassius Fouler, Money-Making Manhattan. Photo courtesy Woodward Gallery.

The small elements unique to each artwork are the subject of “Detail,” a group exhibit opening this evening, Saturday, March 2nd, 6 – 8pm at Woodward Gallery on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Exquisitely curated, the exhibit features a range of intriguing images in a variety of media by a dozen artists. Among the artists featured are five whose works continue to grace our streets: Cassius Fouler, Thomas Buildmore, Kenji Nakayama, Kosbe and Moody. Here’s a sampling of what is on view at 133 Eldridge Street through April 28th.

Thomas Buildmore, Still Life; photo by Tara Murray
Thomas Buildmore, Still Life. Photo by Tara Murray.
Kenji Nakayma, Duck; photo courtesy of Woodward Gallery
Kenji Nakayma, Duck. Photo courtesy Woodward Gallery.
Kosbe, Borrowed Time, photo by Lois Stavsky
Kosbe, Borrowed Time close-up. Photo by Lois Stavsky.
Moody; photo courtesy Woodward Gallery
Moody. Photo courtesy Woodward Gallery.

Photos by Tara Murray and courtesy of Woodward Gallery