Aïda Gómez wins at street Tetris

tetris montaje small

Aïda Gómez saw a deteriorating wall in the Berlin subway and thought what we all think when we see a city’s infrastructure falling apart: “This is terrible. I can’t believe I just paid money to wait for a train in this place if they can’t even fix the walls…” Well actually, no. Gómez wasn’t quite so sour. She saw an opportunity to inject some fun onto the subway and use art to repair the wall. She did this:


Okay, I’m not sure “street Tetris” is really a thing. I suppose I just made it up, but if it were a thing, Gómez just won. She calls this project Mind the Gap. It reminds me of the Astoria Scum River Bridge by Jason Eppink and Posterchild, which I also really love.

Also, here’s a GIF version:


Photos by Aïda Gómez, GIF by RJ Rushmore

Vandalog Movie Night as a blog post

Earlier this week, I hosted a movie night at The Wren’s Nest in Atlanta for the Living Walls Conference. Living Walls asked me to put together a list of some short films to show, and I ended up with 27. A few people have asked me to post those films online to share with friends or just to see a film that they missed while they were getting some food, so after the jump you’ll find embedded versions of all 27 films that were screened at the movie night (many of which have appeared on Vandalog before). Enjoy! Continue reading “Vandalog Movie Night as a blog post”

Astoria Scum River Bridge

This is such an amazing project showing the power of art and activism. I could have sworn that I posted about it months ago, but now I can’t find that post. So I guess I didn’t. But if I did, sorry to be repetitive.

Posterchild and Jason Eppink built Astoria Scum River Bridge to draw attention to a 20-year-old leak in a drainage pipe in New York City. Check out the video to see what happened as a result of their project:

Astoria Scum River Bridge from Jason Eppink on Vimeo.

Link post

I’ve noticed a number of links piling up over the past few days, so it’s time for one of my link compiling posts. Oh and thanks to C-Monster for featuring Vandalog on today’s Daily Digest (the probably superior link post series that I try to emulate a bit from time to time).

  • On the Beautiful Losers front, the DVD is coming out this month. Anybody who has seen the film will tell you the same thing: buy the DVD. Also, there was a touching profile of Margaret Kilgallen, one of the artists featured in Beautiful Losers, in The Guardian over the weekend.
  • The extremely talented Titifreak has a book. I didn’t know he had one coming out, but apparently plenty of people in Rio did because his launch party looks like it was a huge success.
  • Some people love D*Face. Some people hate him. If you’re a hater, just pretend this is somebody else, because D*Face says some things work listening to in this interview with Walrus TV (via Juxtapoz)