Link post

I’ve noticed a number of links piling up over the past few days, so it’s time for one of my link compiling posts. Oh and thanks to C-Monster for featuring Vandalog on today’s Daily Digest (the probably superior link post series that I try to emulate a bit from time to time).

  • On the Beautiful Losers front, the DVD is coming out this month. Anybody who has seen the film will tell you the same thing: buy the DVD. Also, there was a touching profile of Margaret Kilgallen, one of the artists featured in Beautiful Losers, in The Guardian over the weekend.
  • The extremely talented Titifreak has a book. I didn’t know he had one coming out, but apparently plenty of people in Rio did because his launch party looks like it was a huge success.
  • Some people love D*Face. Some people hate him. If you’re a hater, just pretend this is somebody else, because D*Face says some things work listening to in this interview with Walrus TV (via Juxtapoz)