Street Sketchbook: Journeys launch show

Last week in London was crazy-busy, but I’m glad I took a few minutes to get over to Pictures on Walls for the launch show of Tristan Manco’s new book Street Sketchbook: Journeys. To be honest, I haven’t read the book yet. I still have a few pages left in Street/Studio and then I’ve still got 2-3 other books in the queue before this one, but the show was good fun. There’s work from Roa, Ripo, Saner, Dran, Titifreak and a bunch of other talented artists, many of whose names I don’t remember. That’s the great thing about Tristan: he knows all these talented artists that most street art fans have never heard of, and this is a good showcase of those artists. But here are my favorite pieces from the show:


Sam3 actually has a new print at Paper Monster, but I think this wood block is 10x cooler.

Dran and Saner

Unfortunately, this show has closed already, but you can find some more pictures on my flickr.

POW’s launch of Tristan Manco’s new book

Drawing from Street Sketchbook: Journeys by Neuzz

Tomorrow, October 1st, is the opening of the Street Sketchbook: Journeys show that Tristan Manco as put together at Pictures on Walls in London for the launch of his new book. Street Sketchbook: Journeys is the second book in Tristan’s Street Sketchbook series. Honestly, I don’t think I read the first book, but I respect Tristan as one of the more knowledgeable people out there making street art books, and I’ve begun to be sold on the concept of this series. But more on that in a review that I hope to do soon.

The show at POW is definitely going to be worth checking out. Tristan will be showing art from all 30 artists in the new book. That includes Roa, Vhils, Neuzz, Sam3, Titifreak, Dran, Stinkfish and obviously many more. And if you’re thinking “okay so besides Vhils, those aren’t exactly the biggest names in street art…” don’t be too quick to judge. Tristan Manco curated Cans Festival, and when Vhils showed up at Cans Festival, it seemed like nobody knew who he was, but then he amazed everyone. Tristan knows his stuff and I’m sure he’s found some brilliant artists for this show and his book.

Presumably, it will also be one of the first places to buy the book Street Sketchbook: Journeys, as it just came out this week.

The Street Sketchbook: Journeys show runs from October 1st (from 6pm) through October 15th.

Photo courtesy of Thames & Hudson and art by Neuzz

Video: Escif’s Around The Wall show at POW

Escif’s solo show Around The Wall opened at Pictures on Walls in London a few weeks ago. I haven’t really mentioned it since the opening because I’ve been waiting until I could post this video. I guess the video pretty much sums up my thoughts on the show, so I won’t write too much, but I really enjoyed it and if you’re in London, it’s definitely worth checking out.

So here’s my video walk-through of the show (some people reading this post through RSS readers may have to go to to view this video):

Around The Wall runs until May 30th.

Another teaser from Escif

As mentioned the other day(s), Escif‘s solo show (now called Around The Wall) at Pictures on Walls opens on Friday. POW have uploaded a second teaser video for the show, and it looks like Vandalog was correct in reporting that this show is going to get very conceptual (but for fans of Escif’s drawings, don’t worry. Those seem to be included too). Also, Arrested Motion has a picture of some more outdoor pieces from Escif. These ones are on the outside of Pictures on Walls and they look very fun.

Here’s the new teaser video:

More about Escif

Forgot to post this video in yesterday’s post about Escif and his upcoming solo show at Pictures on Walls. You may recognize it for its inclusion in Exit Through The Gift Shop. As I understand it, he set up the video camera and painted in that particular spot in an effort to get arrested on tape. And he succeeded (if you can call getting arrested success).

Escif solo show at Pictures on Walls

Two weeks ago I saw a painting by Banksy and jumped up and down with excitement. I think that I may once again jump up and down with excitement this Friday at the opening of Escif‘s first London solo show. Pictures on Walls is putting on Escif’s show, so you know it’s going to be something special. Last month, Elisa Carmichael wrote that this show would include a hundreds of small drawings. I’ve also heard a rumor that it will be more “conceptual” than people might expect from an artist mostly known for his painting and drawing skills.

Basically: Don’t miss this show. Last week was all about Roa, this week is all about Escif. But keep in mind, Friday is the opening night. Not London’s traditional Thursday. So don’t show up on Thursday. That won’t be as much fun as Friday.

Anyway, Escif has come Spain to London to work on the show as well as paint a few outdoor spots in the city. Here’s a mural that he painted over the weekend at Truman Brewery:

Photos courtesy of Pictures on Walls

Escif at POW

Escif has a solo show at Pictures on Walls coming up on April 16th. I’ve been looking forward to this for a while and as Escif has promised an installation composed of hundreds of little drawings (including the ones above and below), there will be something for everyone to take home!

Hopefully, he’ll also paint some murals during his stay in London – his outdoors pieces keep getting better, both in technique and originality.

– Elisa

Thanks to Escif for the images.

PS Read Sebastian from Unurth’s first interview with Escif here. Part 2 of their conversation is in the March issue of The Art Street Journal.

The Fiesta Resistance

Finally found some pictures from The Fiesta Resistance on now at Pictures on Walls. They’ve just released a bunch of stunning prints (Banksy, Date Farmers, Anthony Lister, Dran…), but I want to focus on just their show with The Date Farmers, Saner and Smithe.

Date Farmers






All photos by Unusual Image, who has many more pics from the show on his flickr.

Mexico at POW


I am very excited to go to Miami in December, but I am also epically disappointed to be missing this show at the new Pictures on Walls. I don’t know Smithe but Date Farmers and Saner are great and it’s something completely different from most of the UK scene. Londoners had better go and take loads of pictures for me.

This may also be a sign of things to come for POW. Their new open-but-not-really-officially-open gallery-but-really-shop-but-really-just-an-office space on Commercial Street could become a meeting point and hang out spot for the London street art scene, like Ad Hoc Art was in NYC. It could become a gallery, a shop, a print studio, whatever! I’m hoping for something like a print shop and occasional gallery.