Escif solo show at Pictures on Walls

Two weeks ago I saw a painting by Banksy and jumped up and down with excitement. I think that I may once again jump up and down with excitement this Friday at the opening of Escif‘s first London solo show. Pictures on Walls is putting on Escif’s show, so you know it’s going to be something special. Last month, Elisa Carmichael wrote that this show would include a hundreds of small drawings. I’ve also heard a rumor that it will be more “conceptual” than people might expect from an artist mostly known for his painting and drawing skills.

Basically: Don’t miss this show. Last week was all about Roa, this week is all about Escif. But keep in mind, Friday is the opening night. Not London’s traditional Thursday. So don’t show up on Thursday. That won’t be as much fun as Friday.

Anyway, Escif has come Spain to London to work on the show as well as paint a few outdoor spots in the city. Here’s a mural that he painted over the weekend at Truman Brewery:

Photos courtesy of Pictures on Walls