POW’s launch of Tristan Manco’s new book

Drawing from Street Sketchbook: Journeys by Neuzz

Tomorrow, October 1st, is the opening of the Street Sketchbook: Journeys show that Tristan Manco as put together at Pictures on Walls in London for the launch of his new book. Street Sketchbook: Journeys is the second book in Tristan’s Street Sketchbook series. Honestly, I don’t think I read the first book, but I respect Tristan as one of the more knowledgeable people out there making street art books, and I’ve begun to be sold on the concept of this series. But more on that in a review that I hope to do soon.

The show at POW is definitely going to be worth checking out. Tristan will be showing art from all 30 artists in the new book. That includes Roa, Vhils, Neuzz, Sam3, Titifreak, Dran, Stinkfish and obviously many more. And if you’re thinking “okay so besides Vhils, those aren’t exactly the biggest names in street art…” don’t be too quick to judge. Tristan Manco curated Cans Festival, and when Vhils showed up at Cans Festival, it seemed like nobody knew who he was, but then he amazed everyone. Tristan knows his stuff and I’m sure he’s found some brilliant artists for this show and his book.

Presumably, it will also be one of the first places to buy the book Street Sketchbook: Journeys, as it just came out this week.

The Street Sketchbook: Journeys show runs from October 1st (from 6pm) through October 15th.

Photo courtesy of Thames & Hudson and art by Neuzz