Street art at the London Pleasure Gardens

Ron English

Ron English, Shepard Fairey, TrustoCorp and Risk painted last week at the London Pleasure Gardens, a brand new cultural center of sorts from the folks behind MuTate Britain. Fairey has had some involvement with MuTate Britain organization before, but I’m not sure about the other artists. Whatever the case, there’s some nice work that went up at the gardens, including Fairey’s tallest mural to date and some great work on airplane nosecones by Risk and English (shown above).

Swap Fairey for Saber and you have the line-up at Letters from America, the show Corey Helford Gallery is putting on at Black Rat Projects starting July 4th, so if you like this work, definitely check out that show too.

Here’s some of the work at the London Pleasure Gardens, and we’ll probably do a part-2 of with more work in a few days:

Shepard Fairey

Photos by S.Butterfly

Weekend link-o-rama

Veng in NYC

Well, I’m just gonna brag for a second. Haverford College just got way cooler. M1 from Dead Prez is doing a residency here. Gonna go see him perform tonight in our tiny music venue. And yes, I am aware of the apparent hypocrisy of being a white male at a private educational institution and getting excited to see M1 perform. Anyway. Back to the art.

Photo by Luna Park

All the cool things happen while I’m on holiday

This past week has been pretty crazy. I’ve been running around NYC seeing friends and art, and now I’m in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Unfortunately, the art world does not hit pause just because I’m taking a holiday. Here are some of the things I would have loved to cover on Vandalog if I’d had the time. And keep an eye on Vandalog tomorrow because I’ll be doing a big wrap up of Primary Flight.

Sneaking in to see Burning Candy and others

The latest in my series of videos for Babelgum Metropolis is online. Essentially, I’ve figured out how to best enjoy the latest large mural from Burning Candy as well as new pieces by Blek le Rat and Pure Evil which have popped up in East London.

Also, yesterday I meant to post a video of me at MuTate Britain, but accidentally posted another video of the show. Well here is the video I meant to post:

MuTate: One Foot in the Grove

Here’s my take on this year’s MuTate Britain: Correction: I’ve got a video about MuTate coming up on Babelgum soon, and when I saw this on the Babelgum site, I thought this was it. I only saw the title, because the computer I was blogging from wasn’t working well and wouldn’t show me the video. 20 hours later, I’ve gone back to check out the video, and turns out this isn’t the one I made. Still a very cool video though.

MuTate Britain: One Foot in the Grove

Giles Walker_Baby Head

MuTate Britain: One Foot in the Grove is now open. It might not match last year‘s event, but it’s still a great party with cool art and something for everybody.

Put simply: MuTate has sculptures shooting fire into the air. ‘Nuf said.

In all seriousness though, the sculptures and paintings are very cool. Best Ever, Busk, Mode2, Sickboy and many many many others have contributed to make something special and unique.


I could say that I liked this painting or that painting, but half the time I didn’t know who painted my favorite pieces, they were just good, regardless of the name behind them.

Bleach, Busk and Zadok
Bleach, Busk and Zadok

But is it the absolute best art in the world? Not always. It’s just fun to see. Even a poorly painted stencil contributes to the atmosphere and makes MuTate a nice place to grab a beer or two.

Best Ever
Best Ever

This is the art show you can bring your friends to who would rather just go to the pub (see: my comment about fire).


MuTate Britain is located underneath Westway in London near Ladbroke Grove station. Who knows how long this party is going to continue (even the artists I spoke with said anywhere from a few weeks to indefinitely), so go check it out now.

One Foot In The Grove preview

MuTATE Britain: Behind The Shutters was one of the best art exhibitions in London last year. And now the MuTATE crew is back with MuTATE Britain: One Foot in the Grove. One Foot opens October 9th at the corner of Portobello & Acklam Roads in London. Just like last year, the list of artists involved is staggering, but here are a few: Matt Small, Paul Insect, Best Ever, Part2ism, Pure Evil and Dr. D.

A few images have started to leak out, and here’s one of a piece Best Ever is painting:

Photo by Ian Cox
Photo by Ian Cox

See you there next Friday.

And for updates, make sure to check out the official MuTATE blog.

Auction Saboteur Turns One


Auction Saboteur will be one year old this week so its time for a little celebration, this Thursday at the Mutate Show from 7pm. It will also be the last Thursday party with the Mutoid Waste Crew, it will be great night. Sausages on sticks, cheese and pickled onions, mince pies as well fizzy pop and lots of rum. Not to forget a special Mucky dip and possibly the best show in Britain right now.

The end is nigh, mutate of die !!!

Send and email to and the first 150 people with ‘happy birthday’ in the subject bar will be placed on the guest list.

Here is a pic of one of the exclusive Mutate Britain Ceramic Spray cans by the Baroness that could be won in the £5 Mucky dip on the night.

Mutate Spraycan

Also there will be three special other exclusives released this thursday, half on the night half the next day online at