Wheatpastes from Marco Sueño

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It’s been too long since I last shared the work of Marco Sueño. I want to see more wheatpastes like these where I’m at in Philadelphia.





Photos by Marco Sueño

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Presenting AFUERA, an uplifting mural project from Peru

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The remains of Pisco (Peru) after the devastating earthquake of 2007. Photo courtesy of AFUERA.

Last year, Marco Sueño launched the inspiring and hopeful public art project AFUERA. This initiative arose from the need to uplift the souls of communities utilizing art as a means to connect and recuperate spaces that, because of a wide array of reasons, are found abandoned and unattended. In 2012, AFUERA was launched in Cerro de Pasco, a community that is radically affected by industrial scale mining.

This year, AFUERA directed its attention towards Pisco, a city once known for its beautiful colonial architecture and coastal culture, is now facing the biggest urban decay it has ever experienced due to an earthquake that occurred in 2007. Not only have many architectural patrimonies disappeared, but also the city’s identity is at risk, affecting people and their sense of belonging and importance in a national scale. Many projects have been proposed and approved by the central government, but the results of said projects are yet to be seen.

This is where artists, community organizers and the public connect to re-engage with a city whose identity is rapidly disintegrating. I invite you all to visualize the scale of help and need that exists in Pisco and become part of the change that this city so desperately needs. Here is AFUERA’s Indiegogo campaign, I encourage you all to donate and share it to help make this project a reality.

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Marco Sueño’s latest work in Mexico

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Marco Sueño has been spending some time in Mexico recently, where he’s put up these pieces (and others). Sounds like he has even more and even bolder work planned for Mexico. Expect it soon.

Photos by Marco Sueño

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The Street is the Sky by Marco Sueño

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Marco Sueño made this wall, which he calls The Street is the Sky and includes text written with Nate Nattan Tavel, for the Lima Photography Biennial.

Photos by Marco Sueño

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Weekend link-o-rama

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Snyder in Beijing

While I spend my day at my other job explaining to people how a skee-ball tournament is art (seriously), I hope you’ll enjoy these newsbites from the past two weeks:

Photo by Snyder

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Marco Sueño’s in Cerro de Pasco, Peru

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Ukukus Desconcertados

Marco Sueño recently traveled to the mining city of Cerro de Pasco, Peru, where he put up some really beautiful work. It’s so nice, I’m posting the photo twice. The piece is called “Ukukos Desconcertados”.

Ukukos Desconcertados

Photos by Marco Sueño

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Marco Sueño at Living Walls

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More from Living Walls Atlanta. Today, Marco Sueño. Marco is a photographer from Peru who works with stickers and wheatpastes. He did a few murals for Living Walls. Here’s how he describes this series:

Sacha Project is a muralism, photography and public space intervention that proposes, through a series of compositions that highlight the hybrid nature of icons and objects a result from the fusion between modern urban culture and the andean culture traditions a visual explorations on the peruvian identity, seen from its own transfiguration. “Sacha Project” displays how the sacred and the “Hybrid” create a jigsaw of different realities interacting through synergies and fragmentation.

Photos by Marco Sueño

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