Presenting AFUERA, an uplifting mural project from Peru

The remains of Pisco (Peru) after the devastating earthquake of 2007. Photo courtesy of AFUERA.

Last year, Marco Sueño launched the inspiring and hopeful public art project AFUERA. This initiative arose from the need to uplift the souls of communities utilizing art as a means to connect and recuperate spaces that, because of a wide array of reasons, are found abandoned and unattended. In 2012, AFUERA was launched in Cerro de Pasco, a community that is radically affected by industrial scale mining.

This year, AFUERA directed its attention towards Pisco, a city once known for its beautiful colonial architecture and coastal culture, is now facing the biggest urban decay it has ever experienced due to an earthquake that occurred in 2007. Not only have many architectural patrimonies disappeared, but also the city’s identity is at risk, affecting people and their sense of belonging and importance in a national scale. Many projects have been proposed and approved by the central government, but the results of said projects are yet to be seen.

This is where artists, community organizers and the public connect to re-engage with a city whose identity is rapidly disintegrating. I invite you all to visualize the scale of help and need that exists in Pisco and become part of the change that this city so desperately needs. Here is AFUERA’s Indiegogo campaign, I encourage you all to donate and share it to help make this project a reality.