Lucy McLauchlan’s “Together…” at Lazarides Rathbone Place

There were a fair number of new shows opening on this month’s first Thursday, but the place to be in London was the opening of Together… Lucy McLauchlan’s latest solo show at Lazarides‘ Rathbone Place gallery.

This is a really solid show. I enjoyed just about every piece except for the watercolors. It’s also a progression for Lucy. She probably could have gotten away with painting the same pieces that we’ve seen from her in the past, but instead she successfully pushed forward and has noticeably matured.

Installation detail

While there was no shortage of work for sale, Lucy also made a sizable site-specific installation and drew little bits on the walls and ceilings around the gallery.

Some of McLauchlan’s best work happens when she constrains herself by painting on found objects:

At first glance, an abstract piece. Look closer and see how many figures you can count (I can spot about 10):

Photos by artbleat and sven / a million pieces

Check out artbleat and sven‘s flickr sets of the show for more photos

Lucy McLauchlan’s “Together”

As a typical 19-year-old guy, I tend to enjoy art which is “edgy” (aka: full of girls, guns and rebellion – I couldn’t think of a ‘g’ word for that). That’s certainly not always true, but I did prefer Chloe Early’s tank paintings to pretty much anything else she’s done, so I think it’s fair to say that it’s at least one aspect of what I find interesting in art. That said, sometimes I want to look at something calming, beautiful and, if you will, zen. Now, my favorite artist is Swoon, so if course, she fits into that beautiful category, but she’s not the only one. Lucy McLauchlan, when she gets it right, is one of the most underrated young painters in London.

Luckily, Lazarides Gallery agrees with me, because they have a solo show from Lucy starting next week at their Rathbone Place location in London. In fact, Together is her second solo show with Lazarides.

As usual, Lucy is painting on a huge variety of material for this show. Just read this section of the press release:

Paint cans, ex-Police riot shields, doorways, camper vans, plastic containers, driftwood, and brick walls have all been transformed by Lucy McLauchlan’s graphic, fluid monochromatic style. In our technologically dominate age forget digital manipulation, McLauchlan prefers to stick with Indian ink or permanent marker often allowing the mistakes to take centre stage in her fantastical murals.

Here’s the hoping that Lucy will be doing some paintings on the gallery walls as well. Her mural currently gracing the Rathbone Place stairwell is one of my favorite things about that space (along with David Choe’s mural in the same stairwell).

Together runs from July 1st through August 12th.

Booked – Group Exhibition and Book Day at Carmichael Gallery

It’s been a long time since Seth and I have had a group show this big at Carmichael Gallery – there will be over 35 artists represented on the walls when we open “Booked” on Saturday, June 5th! Some of the artists we’ve worked with for several years and others we’ll be showing for the first time. We’re also going to have lots of great art books and magazines from publishers like Drago, Gingko, Studiocromie (I really enjoyed opening up the box of Blu and Sam3 books!) and VNA. Books and art are two of the best things in the world, in my opinion, so it should be a fun event! We will be open from 12-8pm on Saturday for Culver City Art Walk (make sure to visit all the other galleries on the block if you come by; there will be lots of cool things to see) and the reception itself is from 6-8pm.

Here are some of the pieces in the show.

Martha Cooper



Anthony Lister

Lucas Price (aka Cyclops)


Brad Downey

Here’s the full line up of artists and publishers:

Aiko, Banksy, Beejoir, Blek le Rat, Boxi, Bumblebee, C215, Henry Chalfant, Martha Cooper, D*Face, Brad Downey, Eine, Ericailcane, Escif, Faile, Shepard Fairey, Stelios Faitakis, Gaia, Hush, Mark Jenkins, Dave Kinsey, Know Hope, Labrona, Anthony Lister, Lucy McLauchlan, Aakash Nihalani, Walter Nomura (a.k.a. Tinho), Other, Steve Powers (a.k.a. ESPO), Lucas Price (a.k.a. Cyclops), Retna, Saber, Sam3, Sixeart, Slinkachu, SpY, Judith Supine, Titi Freak, Nick Walker, Dan Witz and WK Interact

Drago, Gingko Press, Murphy Design, Prestel, Rojo, SCB Distributors, Studiocromie, Very Nearly Almost, Zupi

The show runs from June 5 – July 3. Drop in to say hi if you’re in LA!

– Elisa

New Lucy McLauchlan print

While I was always a Lucy McLauchlan fan, I’ve really come to love her work. BLK/MRKT has just released this new print, titled From Every Angle, by Lucy. It’s classic Lucy McLauchlan goodness and yet quite affordable. The print is an edition of 150 and measures 18 x 24 inches. It’s available online for just $110.

Things I Meant To Post About Yesterday…

Things have been very busy here at Carmichael Gallery lately as we prepare for our Saturday opening with Nina, so I didn’t get a chance to write about a few of the things that were on my “need to post” list yesterday. First up, Faile has released some new prints and original works on paper and they’re some of the nicest I’ve seen in a while. Faile just continue to grow on me and I love what they’re doing these days with their wood pieces. As regards the release, I just checked their site and it appears that the two originals and one of the three prints are sold out. Both my favorite original, No Escape: Return To Faile (the image above), and my favorite print, the same image but in purple hues and entitled No Escape, have gone. Here’s my second favorite, the other sold original, which has the frankly awful-sounding name of Wrong End 86 Katsina (the print version (similar but yellow as opposed to orange) is simply and much more appealingly called Wrong End Of The Rainbow), below.

Sorry for posting another item that is sold out, but it’s still worth mentioning Lazarides‘ release of JR’s Women Are Heroes book. Each of the twenty copies boasts a hand-pasted, thus unique, cover image of Self-Portrait In A Woman’s Eye (Kenya), one of my favorite of JR’s photographs.

Laz also has some cute Lucy McLauchlan Paint Pots available.

Finally, Opus just released some nice limited edition collab prints by Dan Baldwin and Hush.

– Elisa

Lazarides ‘Grifters’ preview pics

The folks in town for the Lazarides’ Grifters show sure are busy. Ian Cox has been taking some great photos of their progress:

Lucy McLauchlan
Lucy McLauchlan
David Choe
David Choe
David Choe
David Choe
David Choe
David Choe

Yes, this post is a bit Choe heavy, but his pieces look really great even if you only see a segment of them, someone like Mode2, you really need to see the finished product. If your curious what else has been going on though, Ian’s flickr stream has more pics.

UPDATE: Even more David Choe:

Lucy McLauchlan at FAME

It seems like Vandalog’s FAME coverage is never going to end (and given how awesome the festival is, why should it?). Here’s a video of Lucy McLauchlan painting outside at FAME. I missed this seeing this piece while I was there unfortunately, as I didn’t have a car, but it looks fantastic in video.

Lucy McLauchlan at FAME Fest

I am going to presume that, as a reader of this blog, you are just as excited about FAME Fest as I am. For the second year in a row, Angelo Milano from Studiocromie has pulled together a lineup of some of the best street artists from around the world.

So far Conor Harrington and Lucy McLauchlan have hit Grottaglie with their work. Conor’s piece can be seen here. Take a look below at what Lucy did to a neighboring tower.


Conor and Lucy also got busy with some pottery. I love this aspect of the festival; I think it’s great that Angelo is working so hard to promote the town’s historic ceramics district and merge this traditional urban art form with contemporary street art.

Conor Harrington

Conor Harrington


Two more fantastic artists are about to make their mark at FAME starting tomorrow – more details soon!