Lucy McLauchlan’s “Together”

As a typical 19-year-old guy, I tend to enjoy art which is “edgy” (aka: full of girls, guns and rebellion – I couldn’t think of a ‘g’ word for that). That’s certainly not always true, but I did prefer Chloe Early’s tank paintings to pretty much anything else she’s done, so I think it’s fair to say that it’s at least one aspect of what I find interesting in art. That said, sometimes I want to look at something calming, beautiful and, if you will, zen. Now, my favorite artist is Swoon, so if course, she fits into that beautiful category, but she’s not the only one. Lucy McLauchlan, when she gets it right, is one of the most underrated young painters in London.

Luckily, Lazarides Gallery agrees with me, because they have a solo show from Lucy starting next week at their Rathbone Place location in London. In fact, Together is her second solo show with Lazarides.

As usual, Lucy is painting on a huge variety of material for this show. Just read this section of the press release:

Paint cans, ex-Police riot shields, doorways, camper vans, plastic containers, driftwood, and brick walls have all been transformed by Lucy McLauchlan’s graphic, fluid monochromatic style. In our technologically dominate age forget digital manipulation, McLauchlan prefers to stick with Indian ink or permanent marker often allowing the mistakes to take centre stage in her fantastical murals.

Here’s the hoping that Lucy will be doing some paintings on the gallery walls as well. Her mural currently gracing the Rathbone Place stairwell is one of my favorite things about that space (along with David Choe’s mural in the same stairwell).

Together runs from July 1st through August 12th.