Lucy McLauchlan’s “Together…” at Lazarides Rathbone Place

There were a fair number of new shows opening on this month’s first Thursday, but the place to be in London was the opening of Together… Lucy McLauchlan’s latest solo show at Lazarides‘ Rathbone Place gallery.

This is a really solid show. I enjoyed just about every piece except for the watercolors. It’s also a progression for Lucy. She probably could have gotten away with painting the same pieces that we’ve seen from her in the past, but instead she successfully pushed forward and has noticeably matured.

Installation detail

While there was no shortage of work for sale, Lucy also made a sizable site-specific installation and drew little bits on the walls and ceilings around the gallery.

Some of McLauchlan’s best work happens when she constrains herself by painting on found objects:

At first glance, an abstract piece. Look closer and see how many figures you can count (I can spot about 10):

Photos by artbleat and sven / a million pieces

Check out artbleat and sven‘s flickr sets of the show for more photos