Weekend link-o-rama

R.Satz in London
R.Satz in London

Sorry for all the downtime on Vandalog this week. I dunno what’s up with Vandalog’s web host. If you have suggestions of a good web host that I could move to (even though I just switched to Gandi), let me know. Anyway, here’s what I’ve been reading:

Photo by RJ Rushmore

Kickstarter for LNY, Gaia, Nanook and Mata Ruda

Gaia, Nanook, Mata Ruda and LNY are trying to raise some money on Kickstarter to paint some arabber stables in Baltimore. Arabbers are fruit venders who sell fruit on the street from horse-drawn carts. Gaia already painted one mural at their stable last summer.

These four artists are all known as talented muralists, but they also do great sketches. Which is lucky because funders of the project can get some very affordable sketches for helping out.

Check out more about the mural project here.

LNY’s “Golden Hour”

Click to view large
Click to view large

LNY recently painted this mural, Golden Hour, at 22 East 2nd Street in New York City for Fourth Arts Block. It’s the same spot previously painted by Know Hope, Phlegm, and Faith47. Great work. Reminds of me Erica il Cane.

Here’s what LNY has to say about the piece:

It’s based on a couple of things; a beached whale found dead in NYC after Sandy, the battle between nature and human technology and the economic factors that facilitate this situation. The whole image should read as this struggle for survival between the whale/oil transit ship and the two headed heron snake that represents nature turning to technology by literally changing its body from one end to the other… I also decided on a title “Golden Hour” after the medical term meaning the period of time after traumatic injury during which treatment is most likely to prevent death.


Photos by Luna Park

Joe Iurato at Bushwick Five Points

Never Let Go
Never Let Go

Joe Iurato brought his splendid skills earlier today to Bushwick Five Points. Here are a few more images:

Joe Iurato at work
Joe Iurato at work on image of his son
Dedicated to Jo Montchausse, professional French climber
Dedicated to Jo Montchausse, professional French climber
Hanging onto LNY's moon -- with Gilf! and Alice Mizrachi
Hanging onto LNY’s moon — with Gilf! and Alice Mizrachi

Photos by Lenny Collado and Tara Murray

Finals are approaching link-o-rama

OX in Paris
OX in Paris

This weekend I’ve been without solid internet access, and Caroline and I have both been knee-deep in exams and final essays for the last week, so here’s a belated link-o-rama…

Photo by OX


Living Walls curates walls at Miami Art Basel

In collaboration with Fountain Art Fair and Samson Contompasis’ The Marketplace Gallery, the people of Living Walls have been given 175 ft. of wall space to divvy out amongst artists at Fountain. From December 6 to the 9th, 22 street artists including Rone, LNY, Trek Mathews, Jaz, Ever, Dal East, Faith47, Pixel Pancho, Never 2501, Joe Iurato and more will be painting Fountain’s outdoor courtyard.

The rise in success of Living Walls over the last 3 years has been fascinating to watch. This is their second year at Miami Basel but their first year there curating walls. Indoors they’ll have a booth, showing the works of a few international artists like La Pandilla, Interesni Kazki, and some of the artists listed above, as well as a few Atlanta favorites. Definitely looking forward to seeing their contribution.

Video courtesy of Living Walls

Black and White and Theodore: New at Bushwick 5 Points

Overunder and LNY

This week at Bushwick 5 Points the lyric and the comedic collided with the completion of walls by both LNY and Hanksy. Depicting Malik, a student of his in the Young New Yorker Program, LNY brought attention to a cause that he has focused on for the past several months. By depicting the student against the backdrop of the city, the artist gives a voice to the problematic nature of New York’s legal system in his wall.

LNY Detail

Countering the stark color palette and serious tone of LNY’s work, Hanksy brought his typical pop sensibilities to this Bushwick neighborhood. For these walls, or doors rather, the artist used cultural icons Theodore of the Cosby Show and Thor to play on the surfaces that he was given to paint. By transforming Thor to Dhor and stenciling a Theodoor Huxtable, Hanksy brings his light-hearted nature to an area that was once notorious for its violent crimes.


Photos by Rhiannon Platt

Illegal Baltimore part three: The city’s streets


Part one of the Illegal Baltimore series can be found here, and part two can be found here.

Walking around in the abandoned areas of Baltimore gave me a peace of mind that the NYPD would never allow in New York. However, engaging life-long citizens of Baltimore about the graffiti surrounding them in the streets came with its own merits. The blending of New York and Baltimore-based artists that I saw in the the city’s innards was mirrored in its streets. With the, then recent, invasion of international artists for Open Walls Baltimore, the city had become a hub for any east coast street artist to visit. As long as you had friends in the area or on the roster, chances are you ended up there. Continue reading “Illegal Baltimore part three: The city’s streets”