Weekend link-o-rama

Zéh Palito and Tosko

It is time for me to get a reasonable number of hours of sleep. Until I have to get up in the morning. Here’s what we didn’t get to write about on Vandalog this week:

Photo by Zéh Palito

Zero Cents in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Close-up of Zero Cents in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Zero Cents‘ distinctly disfigured – often disturbing — characters have been part of Israel’s visual landscape for years. It was quite a thrill to see his work this past week in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Zero Cents with Know Hope in Haifa, Israel, fall, 2010

Photos of Zero Cents in Bushwick by Tara Murray; photo with Know Hope in Haifa by Lois Stavsky

Texts from Know Hope

Know Hope has gone in bit of a different direction lately with his street work. As we saw during the Brandalism project, the text/poetry that has long been in Know Hope’s work has come to the fore and the characters have (at least for now) disappeared. Of course, he’s not the first to write short quips or poems on the street, but they are nice. What do you think of this sort of new direction for Know Hope?

Okay this piece has a flag in it too, which is like some pieces Know Hope has done in the past, but I like it so I’m including it in this post anyway.

Photos by Know Hope

Brandalism: Mass-takeover of British billboards

Paul Insect in Leeds

Brandalism is a large-scale billboard hijacking project up right now throughout England. The organizers have put artwork over ads in Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and London over the past few days, and they’ve worked with dozens of artists from 8 countries to do it. So far, about 35 billboards have been taken over and replaced with art, but there may be as many as 50 when the project is finished. The project calls itself the “the world’s first international, collaborative subvertising project,” which is not true, but it is still very exciting and a high-impact way to show what could be in our public spaces instead of advertising. Some fantastic artists have contributed to the project including Jordan Seiler, OX, Ron English, Cleon Peterson, Paul Insect and Know Hope.

You can read more about Brandalism in The Independent or on the project website.

Check a bunch more disruptions from the Brandalism project after the jump… Continue reading “Brandalism: Mass-takeover of British billboards”

Seth Globepainter

Seth in Cambodia

Julien Seth is a public art documentarian for French television. The job’s required traveling has given Seth some interesting opportunities. Plenty of street artists these days travel and put work up around the globe, but instead of sticking to some blandly universal subject matter, Seth’s murals are inspired by the countries they’re painted in.

Here are a few examples of Julien Seth’s work. For more, check out his Facebook or his Flickr.

Seth in South Africa
Seth in India

He’s collaborated with Know Hope and Broken Fingaz in Israel, with El DecertorEntes & PessimoJade in Peru, and he is part of the “French Kiss” collective with Dem189, Lek and Swiz in his home country of France. Currently, Seth is in the Ukraine, painting with Kislow and Teck.

Seth with Unga in Paris
Seth in Hong Kong
Seth in Chili
Seth in Cambodia

Photos by Seth

New in The Vandalog Shop – Special edition Underbelly Project book

Rizzoli recently published the official book documenting The Underbelly Project, We Own the Night: The Art of The Underbelly Project. If you haven’t heard of The Underbelly Project, check out my firsthand account. Basically, over 100 artists were taken down to an abandoned subway station beneath New York City to put up artwork and explore hidden depths of the city. Artists involved in the project include Revok, Roa, Anthony Lister, Faile, Ron English, Dan Witz, Gaia, Know Hope, Haze and many others.

In December, a collector’s edition of the book was sold at The Underbelly Project’s show in Miami. Until now, that show was the only place to pick up a copy of this special edition of We Own the Night. The collector’s edition version includes a hardcover copy of the book, nine photographic prints from the project, and comes in a handcrafted and laser-engraved oak box. This package is an edition of 100, plus 10 APs, and a handful were held back in Miami to be sold later. Now, the remaining collector’s editions are available online for the first time exclusively at The Vandalog Shop.

The Underbelly Project is one of the most fascinating projects to ever happen in the street art or graffiti worlds. While there are photos all over the web showing what the project looked liked, reading We Own the Night is just about the only way to get a sense of what it was actually like to participate in The Underbelly Project. I saw The Underbelly Project in the flesh, but hearing other people’s stories shed new light on it even for me. I’m extremely pleased that The Vandalog Shop will be selling the collector’s edition of We Own the Night, giving people who couldn’t make it to Basel Miami a chance to pick up a copy. My copy of We Own the Night was the best thing I’ve received under a Christmas tree in years, and I hope other people will enjoy the book and the photographs as much as I do.

Here are a just a couple of the photographs included in the set:

Photo by Emile Souris
Kid Zoom. Photo by Ian Cox

Other images include work by Roa, Anthony Lister, Skullphone, Kid Zoom, Revok, Ceaze and Jeff Soto.

Only a few of these collector’s editions are remain, and The Vandalog Shop is the only place you’ll find them online. They are available for $250.

We Own the Night is also available in a regular paperback edition.

Photos by Ian Cox, Emile Souris and The Underbelly Project

New from Know Hope

Know Hope sent over some images of his recent work indoors and outdoors. The indoor piece, Substitute, is for an upcoming group show at White Wallsin San Fransisco. That show opens February 11th.

Collaboration between Know Hope and Seth. Photo by Seth

Photos courtesy of Know Hope

Temporary walls at Fountain Miami

Hugh Leeman

We’ve got more photos today from Mike Pearce‘s time in Miami. Today we’re focusing on the art installation at the Fountain Art Fair. As they have done in past years, the fair got some street artists to paint on temporary walls in an outdoor section of the fair. This year, the installation was curated by Samson Contompasis of The Marketplace Gallery and included Hugh Leeman, Sharktoof, Gilf!, Elle, Know Hope, Chris Stain, Joe Iurato, Overunder and White Cocoa. Mike has more from Fountain in this flickr set.

Overunder and White Cocoa
Joe Iurato
Chris Stain and Sharktoof
Know Hope
Gilf! and Elle

Photos by Mike Pearce