Press releases that will make you piss yourself: Ryan McCann

Here at Vandalog, we get some pretty ridiculous press releases from publicists, galleries and artists themselves. Some not in English, invites to shows opening in foreign lands, many not having anything to do with art, and my personal favorite- that this artist is the new Banksy. We pride ourselves on hardly ever posting these, but when they are as funny as this one we think we will make the exception for our audience. Here’s the first in this new (and hopefully infrequent) series…

Threesome Anyone?

From online gallery 1xRun comes the work of Ryan McCann, a former college football player who was drafted by an NFL team and uses a blowtorch to create his artwork. How badass is that picture? The naked twins and flame only add to this guy’s aura.

The current release is Abe Lincoln’s burnt face in the vein of The Social Network. How gritty and clever. And guess what the artist has to say? Nothing about the work except where he took the font and size of the piece from:

ARTIST STATEMENT: This piece was inspired from the Social Network movie poster that had a similar saying regarding getting to 1million friends. That is why the original piece is 40×27 inches, the standard movie poster size. These multiples are burnt into a 3/8 inch wood panel with a blowtorch, and then have 2-color silkscreened letters applied before they are sealed in polyurethane. Each piece is hand branded with my signature on the front and will be signed and numbered in ink on the back. – Ryan McCann 

There is even a sick promo video to accompany the release. Enjoy!

Images and Video courtesy of 1xRun

Preview: Herakut at 941 Geary

If You Hate Me Live This Way, Don't Make Me Live This Way

Today sees the opening of Herakut‘s latest gallery opening at 941 Geary in San Francisco. Entitled Loving the Exiled, the show features new paintings by the German duo that examine the mythical relationship between humans and nature. The show runs until 29 May.

Here are some of my favorite works in the show. The full show preview is available on the gallery’s site.

Be A Caterpillar Again
What A Stupid Gift

All images courtesy of 941 Geary

Jack Whitehall Takes on Banksy

Apparently Jack Whitehall doesn't like free publicity, because there are no photos on his website without substantial watermarks. So instead of a photo of Jack, here's a photo that we could get the rights to publish without watermarks: A horse's behind.

Last night on British comedian Jack Whitehall‘s new variety show Hit the Road Jack, the rising star took on the biggest street artist of them all – Banksy. Taking place in Bristol, the show made fun of the west country, but of course could not ignore the masked street artist’s legacy in Bristol. Pretending to be Banksy, Whitehall (or another artist thanks to the wonders of editing) spray painted an erect penis on the side of a house and the words “this pub is bullshit” on the side of a Bristol pub. Claiming that the angry home owner and pub manager respectively should be happy with the addition of Banksy works on their buildings, he also added that it’s ok “I’m Banksy, I can do what I want.” Even though the skit was taking the piss, the phrase still rings true. Banksy does really do what he wants.

Unfortunately, only the British can see the clip featured on Youtube here.

Photo by deflam

Issac Cordal at RAS Gallery in Barcleona

Last Friday, Isaac Cordal‘s latest show opened up in Barcelona at RAS Gallery. Presented by SUBEN and curated by Maximiliano Ruiz, the show is a further look at the artist’s adaption of works into the gallery. Although still working outside, the artist (like most nowadays) are figuring out ways to adapt their works to translate indoors and on display. Using the environment around him, Cordal has successfully found his niche within a gallery, presenting his sculptures as commentary on the natural versus manmade in the form of interesting sculptural installations.

The show runs until 13 May at RAS. See SUBEN for more information.

All photos courtesy of SUBEN

Morley teams up again with The Outsiders

School Reunion

A bit late on this post since there has been so much Lazarides news lately what with the recent Conor Harrington show at Rathbone and upcoming Antony Micallef show at The Outsiders, that Morley‘s print release has most unfortunately been overlooked. But I love his work, as anyone who reads Vandalog knows, so I had to post his latest print releases here.

Through The Outsiders, the artist is releasing three separate two-colour way prints as editions of 20 all signed and numbered by Morley. In the usual vein of the artist, the works include his cheeky mantras. Each is priced at £95.

Do It All Again
Curse of Imagination

Photos courtesy of The Outsiders

Judith Supine Does PFW12


India based designer Manish Arora took to the streets as inspiration for his debut collection of ready to wear at Paris Fashion Week. The clothes featured superimposed images of Judith Supine‘s famed work throughout the collection. Created to look like a high end city street, the catwalk was transformed with the help of several Parisian graffiti artists who spray painted their colourful tags.

While many artists are turning to clothes to sell products to the mainstream (hey we have Labrona creating shirts for us), it is interesting to see the fashion world turning to street artists to sell expensive wares to women. While Judith Supine may not be a name that most fashionable will be familiar, they certainly know that prints are in this season (yes this is my girly side showing). Most importantly however, it is evident that Supine’s work translates well into clothing. We already know that Shepard Fairey, Miss Van and Keith Haring all know how to make street art fashionable, but few artists besides Supine have translated their works into catwalk worthy creations.

Photos courtesy of Simjee Textor

Dead Meat by Conor Harrington

Next Friday 2 March, one of the most anticipated shows of the year is set to open at Lazarides Rathbone in London. Conor Harrington will present new works for his solo show Dead Meat. He will showcase 8 large canvasses and 24 smaller studies all referencing art historical subjects. One of the most talented street artists working today, Harrington manages to translate his abstract portraiture outside just well, if not more beutifully, onto canvas. I have been looking for this show for awhile, so if you live in London make sure to check it out. See a preview of some of the works below… Continue reading “Dead Meat by Conor Harrington”

Bast Pokes Fun at Hipsters (Because No one else does…)

For Bast‘s latest print release with The Outsiders at Lazarides the artist has chosen to target the butt of recent jokes in London- Dalston. Home to the many hipster knobheads that run around claiming benefits and puking on doorsteps, the print entitled Dalston Unitooth looks at a fictitious world where the hipsters of Europe and the USA come together. One of the same breed, the print is amusing if you get it, but aesthetically is an explosion of color gone awry and a paint by numbers theme that is touched upon and lost immediately. Eh, at least it is a bit different. Can’t knock something for being a bit different. I’ll take a change of pace rather the same old stuff nowadays.

The print is available from today at The Outsiders or online and is a print in 21 colors as an edition of 10 for £500.

Image courtesy of The Outsiders

Update: Banksy Stolen in Melbourne

Remember when I posted a little while ago about the StealBanksy pr sunt in Melbourne? Well someone actually managed to steal it and not in a very creative way either. Posing from as a staff member from the Art Series Hotel (the hotel owners behind the gag) agency, Maura Tuohy stole No Ball Games out of The Blackman Hotel.

Apparently, the agency got so much press for this they are doing it all over again (for a final time supposedly) with Banksy’s  Pulp Fiction until January 15th. Rememebr if you want to try your hand at stealing this piece you have to a guest at the hotel. Of course that’s the catch. There is always a catch.

Photo courtesy of Art Series Hotel


So now that i am back from Miami and not working 14 hour days, I am back to posting on here. This pr stunt from Art Series Hotels in Australia came in to my inbox and I found it amusing enough to post, despite its blatant ploy to entice guests to the hotel. From 15 December to 15 January hotel guests at The Cullen, The Olsen and The Blackman down under will have the opportunity to steal a Banksy print, No Ball Games. If you manage to successfully steal it while on show at one of the three hotels during the month then it is yours to own. Anyone have any good ideas for this? I’m thinking someone should pull the fire alarm or flash a security guard.

Check out for more information.

Photo courtesy of Art Series Hotels