Jack Whitehall Takes on Banksy

Apparently Jack Whitehall doesn't like free publicity, because there are no photos on his website without substantial watermarks. So instead of a photo of Jack, here's a photo that we could get the rights to publish without watermarks: A horse's behind.

Last night on British comedian Jack Whitehall‘s new variety show Hit the Road Jack, the rising star took on the biggest street artist of them all – Banksy. Taking place in Bristol, the show made fun of the west country, but of course could not ignore the masked street artist’s legacy in Bristol. Pretending to be Banksy, Whitehall (or another artist thanks to the wonders of editing) spray painted an erect penis on the side of a house and the words “this pub is bullshit” on the side of a Bristol pub. Claiming that the angry home owner and pub manager respectively should be happy with the addition of Banksy works on their buildings, he also added that it’s ok “I’m Banksy, I can do what I want.” Even though the skit was taking the piss, the phrase still rings true. Banksy does really do what he wants.

Unfortunately, only the British can see the clip featured on Youtube here.

Photo by deflam