Melbourne Monthly Madness – January 2013

DOES at Juddy Roller - Photo by David Russell
DOES at Juddy Roller. Photo by David Russell.

So I’ve decided to start a monthly post on Vandalog to try and capture all the goings on in and around Melbourne each month as there’s always a lot happening. For completeness sake and because I don’t want anyone to miss out on this, here’s a belated January round up. What a great way to start the year!

The lads at Juddy Roller started us off with a cracking block party and paint up. Check out the awesome video below, shots here by David Russell and more by Dean Sunshine. Even more on the Juddy Roller Facebook page.

ILL-Logic 2013 from Daniel Dunn on Vimeo.

Whilst this was technically 2102, we posted this on invurt in mid January, so it’s in (and also cos it is awesome). The Windsor Areosol Alley Project features some of Melbourne’s best graffiti and street artists. Great progress shots by David Russell here and more by Dean Sunshine here.

Conrad Bizjack - Photo by David Russell
Conrad Bizjack. Photo by David Russell.
Hancock and Heesco - Photo by Dean Sunshine
Hancock and Heesco. Photo by Dean Sunshine.

The F1 lads had a big paint up, featuring DEM189 and Does. Some amazing graff here, and more photo from the session here.

DOES - Photo by Dean Sunshine
DOES. Photo by Dean Sunshine.
DEM189 - Photo by Dean Sunshine
DEM189. Photo by Dean Sunshine.

Everfresh and co painted an awesome mural on Australia day in Hosier lane I posted this in January here on Vandalog.

SDM also smashed out some amazing work on Australia Day in St Kilda. Thanks again to Dean Sunshine for the shots also make sure you check out SDM’s blog, they’re always pumping out quality work.

DVATE and GENT - Photo by Dean Sunshine
DVATE and GENT. Photo by Dean Sunshine.
DVATE and Sabeth - Photo by Dean Sunshine
DVATE and Sabeth. Photo by Dean Sunshine.

Fletch did an awesome interview with Dabs Myla on Invurt.

And a good way to finish off the month is always Dean Sunshine’s January top ten on invurt.

Putos - Photo by Dean Sunshine
Putos. Photo by Dean Sunshine.
Unwell Bunny and Mysterious Al - Photo by Dean Sunshine
Unwell Bunny and Mysterious Al. Photo by Dean Sunshine.

Photos by David Russell and Dean Sunshine, and video by Daniel Dunn