Gaia and Nanook for Living Walls Concepts

Photo by Gaia

Gaia and Nanook were just in Atlanta for their turn at the new Living Walls Concepts series of mini-conferences that are an extention of Living Walls. Here’s what Joshua Rackliffe, Living Walls’ director of programming, has to say about their visit:

Living Walls Concepts, a year-long extension of the conference’s programming, hosted its first collaboration of 2012 with seasoned Living Walls artists Gaia and Nanook. Over the course of their 4-day visit, they produced an original work in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward neighborhood. The creation spans the western wall of a structure on Edgewood Avenue, located on the opposite side of a building that displays another Living Wall by Tel-Aviv artist Know Hope. In addition to their mural, Gaia and Nanook hosted an open conversation and lecture pertaining to their experiences in street art and how it engages community, activates space, and conveys messages about the state of the urban environment. These two have been consistent representations of the Living Walls mission, and are enthusiastic about continuing their participation with the organization.

Living Walls have just gotten their status as an official non-profit organization and are starting on a big fundraising drive. I hope you will support them if you can.

Check out some photos and video of the wall coming together after the jump…

Photo by Sarah Arnason
Photo by Sarah Arnason
Photo by Sarah Arnason

Photos by Gaia and Sarah Arnason