Labrona shirts, now only $20

Last month, we relaunched The Vandalog Shop with two new t-shirts by Labrona. Initially they were priced at $30 each. But I screwed up. I’m not a math guy. Turns out, we didn’t really need to sell the shirts for as much as $30. Actually, we can happily sell them for just $20. Whenever possible, we will try to price items in the The Vandalog Shop at something reasonable and affordable. We said that last month. So why would we sell shirts for $30 that we could afford to sell for $20? We’re not trying to be greedy, so we’re not going to do that anymore. From today on, Labrona’s shirts will be available at The Vandalog Shop for just $20. And if you purchased one over the last few weeks for $30, you’ll find a $10 refund in your PayPal account.

Photos by Dan Schaub