Sorry for the silence

Silence Is Golden by worldwarwon

Sorry for the silence over the last few days (yes, I realize the irony of saying that and picking the above image for this post). I was celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with some friends in NYC and was barely online. Now I’m trying to get as much schoolwork done as possible before heading to Miami on Thursday and then it’s time for final exams… Until at least the end of the week, I’ll probably only be posting about Miami Basel and events surrounding that. Luckily, Stephanie has been picking up the slack and will continue to do so while I’m locking myself in the library.

That said, I couldn’t help writing briefly about worldwarwon. I’ve just been introduced to his street art, and he’s been doing some interesting things on the streets of London recently. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like street art is getting a bit more conceptual. Maybe as a reaction to crappy stencils? Anyway, worldwarwon is a nice example of an artist possibly inspired by Banksy but going a bit more conceptual and using the streets. Okay, as I’m rereading those last three sentences, I get the feeling that I’m almost definitely overthinking and overexplaining things. Simply put, check out worldwarone’s website for some clever street art and maybe a laugh.

Photo by worldwarwon