Pictures on Walls Print Releases

Yesterday, Pictures on Walls (yeah, they are dominating the site this week. Sorry about that…) released two new prints by artists Anthony Micallef and Mark Sinckler. Micallef’s (above) is a beautiful black and white piece entitled “A Small Print of What I Think Love Looks Like.” The other is Sinkler’s quite controversial piece entitled “Age of Shiva.” The Renaissance-stylized work addressing the 7/7 bombings in London has become quite talked about since its release. It is also featured in the main window of the Pictures and Walls show “Marks & Stencils” going on right now in Soho. Personally, I don’t find the piece that shocking, but it is more the timing of its release with the recent inquests occurring that is upsetting people. It also cannot help that the title is not exactly the most politically correct choice by the artist, but of course that is the point. I do enjoy the fact that it isn’t just another pretty picture, but speaks to viewers in some way, positive or negative. It provokes more than just the reaction of whether the piece is “good or bad.”

Both prints are editions of 100. Micallef’s is available for 450 pounds. Sinckler’s is 150 pounds. Both can be purchased (if they haven’t sold out yet) at POW or Marks & Stencils.

Photos courtesy of Pictures on Walls