Elbow Toe Preview at Warrington Museum

After Goya

On December 4, the Warrington Museum in Chesire will host Elbow-Toe’s first solo show in the UK, entitled Due Date. A breath of fresh air in the art world, the New York based artist has been gaining attention with his colorful and witty “paper paintings” as the artist calls them. These pictures don’t even do them justice; Elbow-toe’s work really needs to be seen in person to fully comprehend the labor and creativity in his methods. This particular show is not just Elbow-toe’s paintings, but also works on paper. Both act as strong contrasts to one other and should play off each other well in the final set-up.

The show’s theme is based around the concept of parenthood and the ideas and preconceived notions that comes with it in today’s world. The works act as stories that stem from the artist’s own life experiences as well as what he believes others think of being a parent.

In a statement by the artist he states that “In these paintings I am addressing fears (loss of individuation as well as of the proverbial unknown), the strengthening of bonds in times of crisis, the issues of trying to become a parent later in life and the wisdom gained through the process of parenting.”

Sweet Dreams

For more information on the show visit Elbow-toe’s website and his flickr to see more images from the upcoming show.

All photos courtesy of Elbow-toe