MOMO coming to Anno Domini this week

Almost everybody’s favorite abstract street artist (okay Elisa Carmichael probably prefers Aakash and he’s cool too), MOMO, has a solo show opening this week at Anno Domini in San Jose. I’m sure that Better Than 2009 is going to be a “can’t miss” event, as MOMO rarely disappoints. I actually remember MOMO’s wheatpastes as being some of the first pieces of street art that I noticed in Shoreditch, so even back when I only knew names like Banksy and Shepard Fairey, I was searching out more from MOMO.

And while we’re on the topic of MOMO, Depoe tipped me off that the New York Times recently published a photo-essay about MOMO’s largest artwork. A few years ago, MOMO dripped paint around New York City to make what might just be the world’s largest tag. I was never all that impressed with the tag itself, but these photos made me re-examine the artwork. I was much more interested in the piece as a sort of conceptual graffiti, because people (like the New York Times photographer) can follow the tag and walk its length. That process takes the viewer on a journey through Manhattan. Maybe it’s just an afternoon walk, but it’s MOMO’s afternoon walk that the viewer is taking.

Better Than 2009 opens at Anno Domini on October 1st (8pm until late) and runs through November 20th. Expect to see photos on Vandalog next week after the show is open.