Wild Fantasies features a Decade of Don’t Panic Posters

Yes, I know this post is a week late, but give me a break. I have photos! Well, borrowed photos (thanks Sandra!).

So last week premiered the Stolenspace opening of some amazing work by artists featured in the Don’t Panic packs that you find around London. On the walls hung pieces by Shepard Fairey, C215 and Word to Mother; pretty much a whose who of contemporary street art. I especially like the latest piece by D*Face. You cannot go wrong with a Spiderman motif.

I had to laugh though. I guess I have never seen how dedicated street art collectors are, because there was a crazy line to buy the posters. Not knowing what original you were going to receive, guys were walking out with four or five tubes under their arms after waiting in line for over an hour while trying to balance a drink. Eager beavers.

Photos courtesy of s.butterfly