Faile at Portugal Arte 10 in Lisboa

Just my opinion, but this might be the craziest, most awesome thing that Faile have ever done. For Portugal Arte 10, Faile have built a structure, am ancient temple really, in the middle of a public square in Lisboa. I imagine there’s actually some signage nearby explaining what is going on (like how David Ellis’ trash sculpture in Times Square was surrounded by signage and a fence), but I hope there isn’t and I don’t see any. Maybe, just maybe, a tourist or two will wander by this and be very confused and intrigued…

The piece looks absolutely stunning, and their classic imagery sometimes looks like it was made for sculpture. Sometimes, I kind of enjoy hating on Faile, but with this project, that just seems impossible. The tile mosaic designs, relief sculptures, prayer wheels… everything looks like it turned out as perfectly as anyone could have imagined. They have taken their pop art completely out of any tradition context, and it still works. Amazing stuff.

Some of Faile’s artwork doesn’t make you think at all. It’s just images. But this sculpture, it really makes you think. Or, makes me think at least.

What if Brooklyn were suddenly abandoned for 500 or 1000 years? What would people think when they finally returned and saw what the early 21st century was like? And how much would even survive that long? And seeing as a religious structure, the piece becomes even more complex.

All these photos have come from, who will be posting a video of the piece soon.

Photos by VernissageTV