José Parlá, Todd James and KAWS do covers for Complex

The next issue of Complex magazine has not one, not two but three big-name artists helping design covers for the magazine. Of course, the whole world seems to be going crazy for this Kaws cover featuring the now incarcerated Lindsay Lohan (and the accompanying photo shoot):

You know what though? We all know Kaws does good design. We all know that this would turn out looking kind of cool. Kaws does design. That’s his job. The covers I am really excited about are with Todd James and José Parlá:

Looks like both of these artists have pulled out all the stops for this job. Todd James’s look suits what little I know about B.o.B. perfectly, and damn that Parlá cover looks awesome. Honestly, I’m probably not going to read the magazine, but I am definitely going to be buying a copy just to have that beautiful image by Parlá.

Via Complex