Inside MCASD’s “Viva La Revolucion”

This Os GĂȘmeos work was made using unused parts of Swoon's installation

The urban art event of the summer took place over the weekend at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (MCASD). Viva La Revolucion is a massive show. On Vandalog, we’ve been covering the outdoor parts of the show, but there’s a major indoor component as well.


Of course, our friends at Arrested Motion were at MCASD with cameras. Elisa Carmichael was in the space a bit early and caught some of the artists working, and AM’s San Diego correspondents made sure to take plenty of photos on the opening evening. From what I hear though, these photographs still don’t capture the entire indoor show. There’s an entire room full of Banksy prints, and probably some more things that I haven’t heard about yet.

Looks like JR has replicated his installation that was at Lazarides a while back. It’s a room covered in posters of his contact sheets, with a film about his flavela project playing:

Swoon’s installation is another iteration of her Konbit Shelter project, which will culminate in her building shelters in Haiti:

Photos by Arrested Motion, who have plenty more photos of this show on their website