Anthony Lister – The Beauty of Failure

Toronto’s Show & Tell Gallery has something big planned for next week: Anthony Lister’s latest solo show, The Beauty of Failure. A lot of artists paint superheroes. Most of the time, I don’t care for those artists. Lister is one of my exceptions. He doesn’t just paint, he actually knows how to paint, something which is surprisingly rare.

The gallery says:

The Beauty of Failure is a unique look at the reward and punishment systems, and more specifically when the two overlap.The paintings and sculptures in this show demonstrate a tounge in cheek look at contemporary pop culture through Anthony‘s signature artistic style.

Lister has been doing sculptures for a couple of years now. I think the first one was made for his 2008 show at Elms Lesters in London. These new sculptures are completely different though, and you probably won’t immediately recognize them as being made by Lister. Here’s one:

The Beauty of Failure opens July 9th at the Show & Tell Gallery in Toronto, and the show runs through August 8th.