Kidrobot Customised Munny Contest

I love vinyl toys just as much as the next guy.  No, I do not care about collecting these figures, but rather, I love the detailed work that some of my favorite artists display on these mass produced creatures.  What really fascinates me is the fact that each figurine takes on a life of its own, even though they all embody the shame structure and shape.  Amazing.

This month, kidrobot, one of the leading vinyl toy manufacturers, launched a contest for people around the globe to submit their own customised  Munny.  The winner’s toy will be created and sold in stores.  The best part is that we get to view all of the entries and vote for our favorite.  Personally, I enjoy the Munny’s that still retain the original shape.  When they are altered too much, they do not not even look like the same toy.  Is that not the point in the first place?

I know Vandalog does not usually cover toys, but I had to share with everyone some of my favorites.  Go here to see all of the entries and vote for your own.

Oliy Spill
Kinder Surprise
Swiss Miss