Photos of Os Gêmeos’ show in Lisbon

This week marks the opening of Os Gêmeos‘ latest museum show, Pra quem mora lá, o céu é lá at Museu Berardo in Lisbon. Lucky for all of us not in Lisbon, Target was there to take plenty of photos.

While I was still very happy to see the work they had at their recent show in Milan, a lot of people I spoke with subsequently said they were disappointed with the work there. Now I see why. Pra quem mora lá, o céu é lá is really what a proper Os Gêmeos show looks like. In short, it looks amazing. It’s not at huge as Vertigem, but it’s the next best thing. I already know people planning holidays around this show after seeing these photos. I wish I could do that too. If you’re in Lisbon between now and September, this is something that cannot be missed.

Don’t ask me why Os Gêmeos’ artwork is so good, I don’t know. Just have a look and hopefully agree.

All photos by Target, who has plenty more images from the show on his blog