Dots: A Burning Candy film and print release

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Recently, I’ve been working with Burning Candy (Cept, Cyclops, Dscreet, Gold Peg, LL Brainwashed, Mighty Mo, Rowdy, Sweet Toof and Tek33) on a project that’s really got me excited. For me, Burning Candy are some of the most interesting and talented street artists living in the UK right now. In the UK, there isn’t a street artist who gets up harder, a graffiti writer who hits better spots or a crew that pushes the boundaries of their art further than the members of BC. So about this project…

A man called The Barron is directing a film about the rest of Burning Candy called Dots. This isn’t your ordinary graff film though. Since The Barron is a friend of the crew, he’s got more access than the standard documentary filmmaker would ever get. So far, he’s filmed and edited the first 20 minutes or so of the film. The next 70 minutes? It’s on its way, but Burning Candy needs the help of their fans to make it happen. To fund the making of the Dots, BC have made a box set of prints. All nine members of the crew have contributed an image to this print release. Since I’m working with BC on this print release, I’m obviously biased, but I don’t think there’s a bad image in the bunch.

So here’s the press release with all that vital info:

To help raise funds and make Dots a reality, Burning Candy has put together a limited edition set of 9 screenprints, one print from each member of the crew. The set will come in a hand-screenprinted bespoke box. The prints are 2-colors and A5 sized and the edition size is just 150. These prints aren’t only artwork; anyone who buys a set of prints will also own the rights to 0.05% of the films revenues for the next 10 years. 100% of the profits from these prints will go to funding the making of Dots.

The prints will be released online imminently for just £500. In the mean time, you can email sales(at) for more information.

And for those curious about my personal involvement in the film and print release, I’m helping out friends and artists that I believe in, but I’m also getting paid for my work.

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  • Mike S

    The film could be great..

    Those prints definitely are not.

  • Notworthit

    £500!!! You’re having a larf mate!! did you miss out a decimal point, though even at £5.00 that’d be steep!!!

  • S

    thinking your an art critic….
    being rude hiding behind a computer screen like a little kid. your comment means nothing without a REAL name. if you dont like it why spend the time looking and commenting. hater.

    plenty of people like the work and have paid for it as have i – so wash that bitter taste out your mouth.

  • Name (required)

    I bought the boxset yesterday, its awesome, and a steal at 500, seeing as you get all 9 artists from one of the best crews in london.

    @notworthit is a “critic” with big opinions who hates everything he reviews and needs to get a life.

  • RJ

    I think most of these look better in person. I’ll try to get some more detailed pictures online. Rowdy’s for example is one that you really need to see on a larger size to appreciate the detail.

  • john jonesy

    that tek and peg is nice. mo is shite!

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