Skewville + Dscreet + two dead rats

Later this month, the new DUBL TRUBL collective is going to be having their first exhibition. It will be at Urban Spree in Berlin, and it opens on September 18th. A bunch of great artists are involved, brought together by Dscreet who is curating the show, and all of the work will be done collaboratively in pairs. You can learn more about the show here.

That all sounds great. Except that Skewville didn’t make any paintings or sculptures for the show. So instead, Skewville and Dscreet made a video. I’m not totally sure how people are going to react to this video, but I imagine there will be a lot of love, a lot of hate, and some viewers just left feeling a bit queasy. Anyway, enjoy…

UK travels link-o-rama

Paul Insect and Dscreet in London
Paul Insect and Dscreet in London

I’ve been traveling a bit and I’m in London at the moment, so here’s me playing some catch up:

  • There seems to be a big question mark on the freshly launched Street Art Project from Google. I’ve been getting friends outside of street art sending me links to the NYTimes article about the project and asking what the hell to think, and everyone within street art that I’ve spoken with seems unsure of what to think about the thing. I’m also unsure so far. On the surface, sounds great: A major institution offering to archive, tag, map and promote the best high-resolution photos of street art around the world. But the more I think about it, the less exciting it sounds: Only a select few contributors (from the amazing Living Walls to the questionable Global Street Art), essentially replicating the functions of flickr without the ability for anyone to participate, using art to whitewash the reputation of a controversial company… Honestly, if I had the opportunity to contribute photos to this project, I probably would just because of the possible selfish promotional value, but at the same time I’m not sure that this project is of any real worth the the street art or graffiti communities. I don’t know. I’m just not sold on the idea that this is the best strategy or documentation or archival. Anyone have any thoughts on this thing?
  • Banksy has updated (and upgraded) his website. Notable updates include the updates to the Q&A section and an embed of this video, titled “Better Out Than In – the movie,” which is essentially a slightly edited version of his Webby Awards acceptance video. The question now is whether that short video is really “the movie,” or a trailer for an upcoming movie. Street Art News seems to think it’s a trailer, but I don’t see Banksy having hinted one way or the other.
  • Ken Sortais aka PAL Crew’s Cony had a show on in Paris earlier this month. The show has closed now, but it’s worth checking out the photos. The sculptures are very George Condo-esque, but Sortais has some real talent. The work isn’t completely removed from his graffiti, but he’s certainly not using his graffiti reputation or skills as a crutch for these gallery works, something that happens all too often with less talented artists as they move from the street to the gallery.
  • All of London is talking about the Roa and Ripo shows opening today at Stolenspace Gallery. I’m looking forward to the opening: Two artists whose work I enjoy, and it will be my first time at Stolenspace’s new location.
  • Next week four of the great early photographers of graffiti will be on a panel hosted by Jay J.SON Edlin at the Museum of the City of New York as part of the City as Canvas show. That’s one event not to miss. I may even come up from Philadelphia for it, so if you’re in NYC, you have no excuse not to go. Use the discount code in this flyer to save a bit on tickets to the event.

Photo by RJ Rushmore

Banksy + 5: October 29th

Banksy in a thrift store window. Photo by Allan Molho.
Banksy in a thrift store window. Photo by Allan Molho.

When Banksy announced today’s Better Out Than In piece this afternoon, people began running to a little thrift store on 23rd Street in the hope of scoring the deal of a lifetime. I would have run with them if I were in town. But luckily the thrift store was tipped off to what was about to happen. Banksy had just donated a “crude oil” painting. His crude oil series involves him taking old paintings, in this case one that he bought from this thrift store, and adding his own touches. Two early street artists, John Fekner and Peter Kennard, experimented with similar pieces long before Banksy, but Banksy has really pushed the idea and made it his own thanks to his habit of inserting his modified paintings in places where the unmodified paintings might normally hang.

This crude oil painting, titled The Banality of the Banality of Evil, features the addition of a nazi officer to the idyllic landscape. It’s in a thrift store that benefits Housing Works, a charity fighting “to end the dual crises of homelessness and AIDS.” Housing Works have put the painting for sale in an online auction ending in the evening on October 31st. As of this posting, the bidding has reached $157,200. If you’ve looking for a new Banksy and have $200,000 or so to drop, you can bid here.

More info and photos over at Gothamist.

Another view of the piece. Photo by carnagenyc.
Another view of the painting. Photo by carnagenyc.

Today’s + 5 includes work by Labrona, Ray Johnson Fan Club, Wakuda, Saki&Bitches and Dscreet:

Labrona. Photo by Labrona.
Labrona. Photo by Labrona.
Ray Johnson Fan Club. Photo by Ray Johnson Fan Club.
Ray Johnson Fan Club. Photo by Ray Johnson Fan Club.
Wakuda in Seattle. Photo by Dustin Condley.
Wakuda in Seattle. Photo by Dustin Condley.
Saki&Bitches. Photo by Amy S. Rovig.
Saki&Bitches in London. Photo by Amy S. Rovig.
Dscreet in London. Photo by Alex Ellison.
Dscreet in London. Photo by Alex Ellison.

Photos by Allan Molho, carnagenyc, Labrona, Ray Johnson Fan Club, Dustin Condley, Amy S. Rovig and Alex Ellison

A living museum, evolving walls in Montreal, Canada.

DSC_0314 4_01
November, 2011- Dscreet, Adam, add their art to the original piece by El flyer, Simo, Produkt, Leeny, Other, Labrona, Gawd, Giver, Nixon.

When I started to hunt Montreal illegal street art, it appeared to me that a city is not static as usual people can think it. When you look closer, you can observe the walls change by the art that sticks on them. I was able to see the evolution of the streets and in the same time I saw ordinary places becoming amazing spots. When an artist, or a group of artists take over a wall, a door, and make it themselves, they give a soul to the city.  Below you will see the transformation of some pieces whether completed or fixed. Interestingly, from a collective action or an individual one, it results that the urban environment is likely to be changed and magnified. The walls are for everyone but some of them exclusively belong to some artists. Hope they stay like this!

DSC_1249 2_01
September, 2010 – Leeny, Giver, Produkt, Other
DSC_1553 2_01
November, 2010 – El FLyer, Simo, Other, Labrona, Gawd, Produkt, Giver, Leeny
DSC_0125 8_01
March, 2011- Artist unknown
DSC_0891 2_01
August, 2011- HoarKor
DSC_0384 2_01
November, 2011- HoarKor, Stikki Peaches, Waxhead
DSC_0422 4_01
November, 2011- Labrona.
DSC_4880 2_01
July, 2012- Labrona, Gawd
DSC_1408 2_01
November, 2010- Produkt
August, 2013- Produkt
DSC_4895 2_01
July, 2012 – Waxhead
DSC_5253 2_01
August, 2012- Waxhead, Gawd
June, 2013- Waxhead, Gawd

Photos by Aline Mairet

Weekend link-o-rama

Had a fantastic time in New York last weekend finishing up The Art of Comedy, but that meant missing out on a lot of news, so some of this week’s link-o-rama is a bit more dated than usual:

Photo by Luna Park

A Dscreet solo show

Dscreet has a solo show opening in London in a few weeks, and he’s just put out a teaser video for the show. Normally I tolerate teaser videos but don’t particularly enjoy them. Luckily, Dscreet is actually a filmmaker in addition to being a painter so the teaser actually looks pretty cool even as a standalone video. Check it out:

Dscreet’s show, The Other Sideshow, opens on July 12th at the Roktik Gallery at 214 Brick Lane in East London.

Photo courtesy of Dscreet

Wild Style Wednesday!

Amour. Photo by Morac19.

Half the can I used to be. And a day late, but that’s RJ’s fault.

Piece and photo by Sokem
Tag by Sniper. Photo by Herbalizer.
Shane. Photo by Morac19.
Ponk and 3Dom. Photo by Heavy Artillery
Size in London. Photo by HowAboutNo!
Jeroo. Photo by From Around The Wizzle.
NDSM. Photo by Wojofoto.
Getup by HowAboutNo!
WORDsmiths by Takt. Photo by Spam Crew.
Dscreet. Photo by HowAboutNo!

Photos by From Around The WizzleHeavy ArtilleryHerbalizerHowAboutNo!Morac19Sokem, Spam Crew, and Wojofoto