London screenings of Burning Candy film Dots

Yesterday, I posted about a box set of screenprints by Burning Candy. The prints are being used to fund the making of Dots, a documentary being made about the crew. Most of the film hasn’t actually been filmed yet, but the first 20 minutes are so are done. The first segment of the film explains the history of the crew and follows one artist on a journey to bring their art to the next level.

We’ve organized a few screenings of this first part of Dots for next week. These will be the first time that any of the film has been shown publicly. In addition to screening the film, we’ll also be displaying (and selling) the print set and original paintings from the entire crew.

If you want to be at this first look at Dots and the Burning Candy screeprints box set, just sent an email to The guests for each night (Tuesday and Thursday) are going to be randomly selected and notified by email by Saturday May 1st and we’ll let you know exact details of when and where.