Doze Green and Josh Keyes at Jonathan LeVine tomorrow

Yes. Doze Green and Josh Keyes. Does it get any better?

On Saturday, three shows open at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York City. They are solo shows for Josh Keyes, Saelee Oh and Doze Green. Honestly, I have no idea about Saelee Oh, but Josh Keyes and Doze Green are two very talented artists.

Doze started out writing graffiti and was a b-boy with the legendary Rock Steady Crew, but now his work has transformed to a point that most people would never realize that Doze has picked up a spray can. To me, that transformation is evidence that Doze Green takes his art more seriously than 90% of the artists out there. I’ve got a few paintings by Doze Green in my house, and his painting at SCOPE Miami was quite impressive, so I am anxiously waiting this new work. Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed that Doze Green has been put in the Project Room instead of the main gallery. After all, he just did that project in Vegas with artists like Jenny Holzer and Richard Long.

And of course, Josh Keyes. Yes, online, his work looks like something that could be done by any talented graphic design student in Adobe Illustrator, but you have to see these paintings in person before you judge to harshly. I was blown away the first time I saw Josh’s work in the flesh. The detail is spectacular. He is one of the few artists I like whose paintings fall into that typically very boring “environmental disaster” genre.

Jonathan LeVine Gallery is going to be THE PLACE TO BE Saturday night in New York.