Shows I Forgot to Mention (California Edition)

Yesterday I did what I thought was a moderately extensive post on some of the cooler shows opening soon or recently opened, but I realize I missed California completely. Here’s a few things you can go see if you’re in California and looking for some street art:

First, there is The Carmichael Gallery. While their Boxi and Neo-Cons/Zeus shows are still up until the 30th, I’d like to write about what they’ve got opening on May 7th.

In the main gallery, Thais Beltrame has a solo show.


And in their rear gallery is “Get Rich Quick!” GRQ is a show full of secondary market work from top-tier artists like Banksy, Barry McGee, KAWS and Faile.

Get Rich

I know nothing about the show in this next poster except that it is in San Fransisco and Know Hope is involved. That’s good enough for me. Love his work.Needles