Papergirl Project Open Call

Just got an email this morning about an amazingly cool project that has been going on for the past few years in Berlin. Papergirl distributes packages of art on the street once a year. Sort of like Adam Neate, but Papergirl is open to any artists who send in work, and the art is passed out by bike, sort of kids on a newspaper route. Each package contains a number of works by different artists, so each recipient gets a unique combination of artwork. Check out a video from last year’s Papergirl:

Summer is fast approaching, so the Papergirl team is once again looking for artists to send in work. Last year, a number of artists from across the world participated including Various & Gould and Cake.

Details and PR spiel after the jump…

Papergirl Nr. 4 knocks on your door! 

Thanks to all the participants Papergirl is getting 4 this year and we hearby want to invite you all, to take part! 
Papergirl is an artproject, which in the style of American paperboys distributes rolled art pieces by bicycle in the streets to random passers-by. This happens once a year, when it’s summer in Berlin! All given work is exhibited in a big show before the distribution. 
This year, additionally, we plan a bike-workshop. 
The artwork:

Papergirl is distributed like a newspaper, but not edited or printed like one. It consists of art pieces which are rolled up together. Contributions are handed in by mail or personally and are later included in the art rolls. There are no guidelines as to format, subject matter or quantity, so originals, prints, photos, copies, texts etc. come together. Each roll contains 10-15 different works, meaning that each one of them is unique!

Only premise for contributions: the work has to be rolable and it has to be at least 2 pieces so we can exhibit one distributed one.

We have 3 meetings in Berlin to collect the artwork.

Each date is the third wednesday in the month from 7 till 9 pm:
april 15th 
march 13th 
june 17th

At Gulasch

Or you can send something by airmail.

For postal address contact:


More News:
The new film of Papergirl Nr. 3 is online now: And since this year Papergirl has got a little sister in California: She will celebrate her first birthday this summer. You can double the” hit rate”!

So, give what you´ve got and have a nice summer!

All the best,

your Papergirl Team (Lisa, Anne, Katharina, Marius, Christian, Sophie, Lena, Roland, Edith and Aisha)